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Today, everything that was beautiful and pure in my life turned into a terrible, warped version of what it once was. Today, I lost all hope and no longer believe that life, although sometimes shitty, is sweet and worth living. Today, I met my mother-in-law. FML
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This is probably the most poetic description of the abomination otherwise known as a monster-in-law.

It all started when she hijacked your computer, didn't it?


It all started when she hijacked your computer, didn't it?

This is sad. I feel like crying. How can she be that bad. Unless she's your rival that you've hated all your life.

My God, how much of a demonspawn is she to have deserved this detailed of an FML?

Maybe it's just me but I thought people met their significant other's parents before marriage. I feel like this should be "my boyfriend's mom" or "future mother-in-law". And the way OP describes her...I really hope you didn't meet her at your wedding.

Yeah I've met my boyfriends mom and we aren't married yet and don't plan on any time in the next year maybe like in two or three but that's besides the point his mom is the sweetest lady I've ever met even nicer than my own mother

101, and the point of that non punctuated paragraph was?

@87 there could be many reasons for not meeting her before the wedding although it is unusual maybe it was unavoidable for personal issues etc

SuperMew 22

My sister met her Parent-in-laws once, after the birth of her second child, a son. They said she did not matter until she gave birth to a son. She has three kids, and they have never even called to ask about anyone but Ryan.

Why did you not meet her before you got married? I thought most couples meet the others families after a year or so of dating, or at least at the engagement. Maybe even the wedding??

This is the most depressing fml I've read.

kyu_Q 19

nooo you tuck your chin and don't make eye contact. hopefully she will not notice you too often

I wonder how he's going to feel when he has to deal with a kid lol.

that's what I'm saying. but, I wonder if she's literally his mother-in-law. I can't help but think you shouldve met her already if you're married. maybe she wasn't able to attend your wedding? or lives far away? it's kind of confusing..

wait till she moves in.... goodbye sex life

I feel like OP would have given a concrete example if she were that bad.

Just remember, mother-in-law is just an anagram for woman hitler.

Or maybe it was so bad, it would have frozen our souls.

This is probably the most poetic description of the abomination otherwise known as a monster-in-law.

OP should get their revenge when she goes into a home. tell the nurses she's crazy, sabotage things, push her down the stairs in her wheel chair, all sorts of fun!

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Well you know, mother-in-law can be rearranged to spell woman hitler. And I sympathize, OP. Mine is pretty demonic also. Better now than 2 years ago though.

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"You were laying on the carpet like you're satin in a coffin. You said, "Do you believe what you're sayin'?" Yeah right now, but not that often. " Everyone loves Modest Mouse..

this isnt the most poetic. have you not read the FML about the guy who started eating cat treats again?

I think this is the greatest FML I have and will ever read.

Mother-in-law Switch words around Woman hitler

SuperMew 22

I often find, when seeing my boyfriend's mother, that I need to summon Satin, the unholy stripper that she is. My sister met her husband's parents three years into the marriage because until she had a son "why bother with bad breeding." They also don't acknowledge my nieces, only my nephew. So, there are some really terrible, bitchy in-laws. However, Op should take a leaf from my sister's book and tell them "if you do not treat me or my children with kindness we don't want you around in our lives." Cut the tumor save your life.

Actually, if you rearrange the letters, it forms "Woman Hitler"

violetsweety 26

57- I see Woman... but then there's no 'H'. Almost!

violetsweety 26

Never mind. You were using 'mother'. Just kidding!

plot twist. I guess I got lucky. my mother in law is the sweetest.

shyeahh_fml 19

I say its time "plot twist" joins the ranks of "what a x situation" and the other puns that overstayed their welcome.

The problem with that picture, 53, is that I imagine every comment you make in Q's voice. The bigger problem is that 99% of the time, I can imagine it's the exact sort of comment Q would make, usually while looking at Picard suggestively.

it's a plot twist cause I was not expecting that as I read it.

Ouch. Well I wish you the best of luck OP. Hopefully one day she'll warm up to you. At least you're gonna outlive her.... unless she has any say in it.