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I'd rather be unattractive than a douche anyday

Could mean it the totally opposite way .... She could be such a hottie that he means they guys believe they even have a shot with her or she will give them the time of day ..... Just saying ... On a positive note ;)


Ouch. I'm sorry, OP. ):

I am too. The place would close down due to lack of customers and shed be out of a job.

What a gigantic bitch...

And when they start hitting on the bar owner, that's when you know they're too drunk to even fucking see

That's quite cruel! Sorry OP :(

Not to mention unprofessional

That was a dick move.

Holy shit this is hilarious!! If it's true- sorry OP. maybe he didn't mean it like that?

"When they start laughing at what I'm saying, they're too drunk to drive", is what fits. It wasn't funny, it was offensive. So many people don't know the difference between being a dick and being funny - if you're only capable of cracking a joke by saying bad stuff about others, you should really stop trying :/

I just laughed so hard when I read this!!! At least you have something to gauge their sobriety.

What's with all the thumb downs? You all know you laughed just as hard as I did when you read this...

Welcome to FML community. This is not facebook.

55: I was completely straight-faced as a read the FML. You don't know that!

I also was straight faced. It appears the apocalypse of douchebags includes you.

This is something that would be really hilarious on guy or american dad in particular, but in real life this is something that just shouldnt be said. I sincerely hope other jobs are available for you in your area op.

Such sensitivity on a site that is labeled Fmylife... Very sweet, so proud of all of you and your compassion ;)

I've said this before, but FML used to be a funny site and turned into a pitty party. If you "keep it real" you get thumbed down. To get thumbs up you must say things like "everyone is beautiful", "that person is an insensitive jerk", and "you (stranger I never met) are a great person and contributor to society". 6, I thumbed you up and laughed as well because I am a real person and not a fake douchebag who likes to make others on the Internet think I live at the top of the high road.

U sir. Are an asshole!! ::::

73 you are an asshole, bringing someone's self esteem down is not funny. People suicide because of these things. Its called bullying

What I did was not bullying.... I said I laughed at it, the situation itself is funny. I have worked in bars, people and co-workers can be dicks but most of the time it's just in fun.... And correction it's "commit suicide" if you are going to try to tell me off at least use a correct sentence structure. Besides isn't everyone calling me an asshole and a dbag also bullying????? Two wrings don't make a right, so keep playing your self righteous cards ;)

*wrongs ;) I caught that

88 noone was fuckin talking to you

Um correction 94.... They were all talking to me. It was my comment... Sorry to break that to you ;)

I find it funny, fuck everyone who thumbs down. Sensitive ass

I'd rather be unattractive than a douche anyday

A lot of people are both.

Aw don't let his jerk comments get you down OP :)

Sorry that your boss is so unprofessional, OP.

Could mean it the totally opposite way .... She could be such a hottie that he means they guys believe they even have a shot with her or she will give them the time of day ..... Just saying ... On a positive note ;)

That's very possible. Ugly girls and extremely pretty girls are normally the loneliest. Not always but quite often.

16- Im not really sure your comment is very true..Im not attractive myself and Im in a happy relationship. ._.

Well he did say not always.

I disagree it doesn't take that much booze to convince 90% of guys that they can score any woman they see

Easy now thats def not true. Most men may want to score with 90% of the girls they see but they def don't believe they can. Your thinking about the tool category of men I believe. Op I'm sorry that was said about you, keep your head held high and be happy with yourself.

Or the simple fact that it doesn't take much alcohol to end up over the limit OR for guys to stop being professional and go after bartenders...?

21- "Not always but quite often"

31 alchohal gives people confidence, confidence encourages people to be bold, therefore encourages men to try to pick up women with the exception of guys who are afraid of them, 32 if I go to a bar why would I at any point try to act professional? That's dumb