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  Cad6  |  24

Trying to find deodorant should be a breeze OP. Like #1 said, you shouldn't even break a sweat trying to find a can. Now, while this can wouldn't last you for Eternity, I'm sure you can find some way to Escape from using that Febreeze. Maybe you can add some good ol' Spice to your day by not worrying about how you smell and being your self. Most of the deodorant companies that claim they smell good are just full of hot air. Plus, deodorants have varying smells of different Degrees. Axe yourself this: Is deoderant really that much of an Obsession that you had to use Febreeze?


Armpits smell because of bacteria that grows in our perspiration. Salt inhibits the growth of bacteria. When desperate and out of deodorant use a heavily salted solution and it'll get ya until you can buy some legit deodorant.


71 - Not everyone can afford deodorant. It's like eight fucking dollars for one stick, and not even the good kind.

OP, my advice is if you have a boyfriend or husband, just use their deodorant stick. It's alot better than spraying yourself with Febreze, which, in my opinion, smells like shit.

  DustyStorm  |  16

How is this getting thumbed down? Pitstop is another term for deoderant. It's a great idea when ya don't have any other options! Been someplace and realize you've forgotten? It's a great fix!