By americanized - 22/11/2010 15:25 - Denmark

Today, I helped two people find the central station on my way home. As a thank you, they mugged me and stole my wallet and iPod Touch. FML
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OP, do you think you could help me move my couch into this van ?


911: What's you emergency? Guy: I've been mugged! 911: What did they take? Guy: They took my pockets.


well that's how pocketstealers (i don't know the word) work


911: What's you emergency? Guy: I've been mugged! 911: What did they take? Guy: They took my pockets.

That isn't how pickpockets work; that's how muggers work. Just sayin...

#16 you should be on comedy central because that's funny!!

do you mean Grand Central Station? maybe they mugged you cause they could tell you weren't from NYC. of course I didn't look at any of your geographic info, so I'm probably just being silly

Yes you're* just being silly. OP is from Denmark.

no, I think jezzibell meant that my "just" is silly. after all, that is what she wrote, doc. you shouldn't put words in people's mouths. ;)

well in that case they forgot the is in "your just IS silly" duh ^.^

#31, I was wondering who was gonna say something about that. actually I think she was using the slang term "just" to mean "justice". so she was calling my justice silly this may be because I use a gavel that squeaks when I bang it on the bench, or because I sometimes sentence offenders to 2 squirts from the water-squirting flower I wear on my lapel instead of handing down jail time. silly indeed.

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this is exactly why I don't help people.

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karmas finna get those fools, don't worry be happy.

I'm going to assume you meant gonna, and I agree.

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Actually I was trying to sound black cause some black people say finna.

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I just think the word finna is funny.

lmao true black ppl say that alot in Dtown

Next time don't have your Itouch on display. Oh and give them a fight along with your belongings

Sarcasm, right? It's hard to tell if you're foolishly telling OP to fight two assailants over things or if you're sarcastically saying that because you know it's terrible advice.

well if you know Escrima or kung fu or jiujitsu, or be trained in any fight style, it should be like a warm up. No problem ^^

Ouch iPod touch... Wouldn't have been bad if it was a crappy iPod.

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I never seen so many comments in a row get buried before.

Yes, the trolls are out in force tonight.

if they stole your i pod touch then how are You one fml

What is it with people saying, "Well you shouldn't have had Object X out on display!" The persons wallet was stolen too. Does that mean they were flashing their wallet around? Or maybe, JUST MAYBE, the OP recieved a call during his little tour. Chances are, the muggers found the phone while looking for the wallet. People need to stop acting so ignorant..