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Today, I asked out the girl who always looks and smiles at me in class. I was surprised when she rejected me until I found out she was actually always looking at the clock behind me, and smiling when class is almost over. FML
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By  rickyfk  |  4

ydi you should of figured it out first

  RpiesSPIES  |  27

Also, rivers and lakes are safer to find eligible fish, as they're not too enveloped nor affected by salt.
Oceans and Sea's aren't and haven't always been naturally salty. That's all thanks to children *cough* and wildlife treating water supplies as their personal toilets.

  claytwin  |  14

You theory about the source of salt in the oceans is incorrect. As water flows in rivers, it picks up small amounts of mineral salts from the rocks and soil of the river beds. This very-slightly salty water flows into the oceans and seas. The water in the oceans only leaves by evaporating (and the freezing of polar ice), but the salt remains dissolved in the ocean - it does not evaporate. So the remaining water gets saltier and saltier as time passes. If you theory was correct then your toilet and municipal water treatment plants would be incredibly salty.

  gracehi  |  31

Ugh. I HATE how presumptuous men are sometimes.
"She momentarily glanced in my general direction. She was checking me out! She laughed at my joke. She wants the D! She accepted my invitation to go to a public outing with a dozen other people we both know. She's madly in love with me!"

By  jondivey  |  9

I feel like i have had a similar experience in my life. Don't sweat it. Almost copied #2 fish refference. Gotta start creating original sayins or something around here.