By holly - 18/07/2010 14:18 - Germany

Today, I was practising the violin in my apartment. A man knocked on the door and introduced himself with a smile, saying he wanted to know my "schedule." I replied, "I'm pretty busy but maybe we could get a drink sometime." To which he replied, "No, I just want to know when you'll stop." FML
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Hey, that doesn't necessarily mean your playing was bad. He might have just found it loud and it was waking up his baby or something.

I'm a string player myself, go to your local music store and ask for a practice mute.


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haha but that seriously sucks... does the OP sound that bad? harsh....

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hit him with it "RRRAAAAAAAAA!!!" *smack*

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At first I thought he meant your menstrual schedule. I'm so glad I read everything.

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Surely you sa that coming...why would a random guy show up at your apartment or whatever and want to go on a date with you? hahah

lol that must have been embarrassing.. if he was truly annoyed, he might have taken the invitation to go out for a drink, that would give him a break from listening to your playing

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agree with 22, I would of hit him

you spelled practicing wrong op hahaha fyl

oooh thar sucks. were you a bad player or was it just annoying? either way FYL.

You should close the door and continue to play, but twice as loud and twice as bad!

Lol 69, are you talking to me? Cause if you are then I think you are slightly over reacting to what I said. I was only kidding, love.

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yeah my family always gets mad at me when i play my cello. it's frustrating that i can only practice when they're not home

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you didnt spell practicing right dumbass

People like you make me embarrassed to be an American. American English is not the only proper way to spell things. The c and s are interchangeable in some words. Try broadening your horizons, it will do you good if you ever move out of your parents' house.

Lol alright, well I'm not all that smart so I kinda have no idea what you just said. But sorry for the confusion if there was any. Haha

I know how that is. i play drums, but there's a baby next door, so I have to stop early :P and a few years ago I played baritone (like a little tuba) which annoyed the fudge out of everyone. Hell, I even stopped practising at all after a while so I wouldn't be noisy :/ sounds sad looking back..

Well he probably didn't mean it like you sucked, just an odd way of saying it's annoying way to assume some random guy was into you lol

thats kind of embarrassing! ohhh welll just dont play so much because obviously its to the point where its annoying.

I've been there ;) about a year ago all my neighbours complained about my playing, but because I didn't want that to stop me, I played even more, and now they actually pay to see me play live! ;) now that's owned! :D

don't feel too bad OP, if your new then you'll get better! keep trying.

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at least you were "practising"

Well violin can sound sucky when someone learns it at the start. But when you are nearing the end of your lessons you sound amazing. It's abit like an mmo video game. Where you reach the endgame content

it's okay! practice makes perfect(:

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Unless you suck so bad you get frustrated and hit yourself in the head with a remote and shove it up your @$$. Then youre far from perfect. wafflepwn refrence.

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lol @ 96 I wanted to see the tosh.0 web redemption for that but my tv wasn't working right T^T

Responding to one is perfect so why practice?

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or maybe the guy is just someone who would rather hear his television than someone play an instrument.

It doesn't matter how good or bad you play. You could be the best, but usually in practicing, people play the same part over and over for hours and I don't think that's very pleasant.

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Aha, sorry OP but you must suck at playing the violin. XD #1 You fail asshole. Same with you, #2.

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u shud be practicing on spelling practice

maybe you should pratice spelling *you* and *should*

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Pretty sure in Germany they spell the word "practicing" different than in America.

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YDI for not knowing how to spell "practicing".

oh wow big deal that the OP couldn't spell -.-" that doesn't mean they really deserve it you know what she meant

Everywhere the Queen's English is spoken, including European nations where it is a common second language, practice is the noun and practise the verb. Therefore, OP was completely correct in her use of the word "practising." You could have determined this with a basic Google search before opening your mouth (figuratively speaking, of course). Really, as an American, I wish more Americans would learn to read old books and would not say anything on any sort of international forum (including the internet) until they've actually acquired something of an education (by which I do not mean the fluff that passes for education in public schools here, but rather real learning from the words of great intellectuals and scholars). You'll just embarrass yourselves. It's idiots like you who make the idiots in Europe assume they are better than we, when in fact most Americans are actually fairly intelligent. And not ignorant of foreign spelling. I'm sure you're a nice person and all that, but please use Google before making us all sound like xenophobic fools.

Yeah 15, i'm sure you can spell perfectly in German... not that it's even spelled wrong in the first place

Aw, lay off 44. He can't even correctly spell his own [user]name. :(

I'm a string player myself, go to your local music store and ask for a practice mute.

I'm a violinist of seven years, and all I can say is I agree with #16. Buy a mute and play in quiet dynamics. My original thoughts were that the guy was just simply annoyed by sound, not that you were bad!