By Wellgreat - 30/11/2018 03:00

Today, I convinced my roommate, who’s been single for a while, to get back in the dating game. He downloaded Tinder. His first match was my girlfriend. FML
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So you’ve convinced him? Now just to convince her......


So you’ve convinced him? Now just to convince her......

How did she not know who his roommate was?

How does it feel to have your girlfriend swiped from you?

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Why is your girl still on tinder if she's in a relationship lol

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She works for Tinder and is testing that it works correctly.

whatshername?! 39

Looks like you can also go back in the dating game...

I hope you took the puppy and roses you bought her and went straight home

Why would he swipe right on your girlfriend though?

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I was wondering too but then I thought to see if she will swipe right too (if he knew who she was) and show that she is using Tinder. It could have been an old profile that hasn't been closed yet, so he wanted to check. The other scenario is that he did not know that was OP's gf and just wanted to show him his first match, which happened to be OP's girlfriend. I am sure that if the roommate did know who the gf was and he wanted to bang her behind OP's back, he won't have shown OP. I feel like OP has a nice roommate and a terrible gf