By Anonymous - Canada - Richmond Hill
Today, I was going to have sex for the first time, but when my girlfriend and I got naked, I couldn't get it up. I eventually got hard but it involved me thinking about the time I accidentally saw my girlfriend's brother naked. I think I may be gay. FML
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  wanted_2_want  |  40

Well, if they were going out for some time then she was not that fugly at all.

And judging by OP’s comment, they were about to do it, which means OP is a young man in his ‘prime’.

Healthy, straight young men usually don’t need to focus (or think about) on other naked men to get aroused.

By  manb91uk  |  22

Dude.... The world is not either or. Stop thinking binary and open your mind...

Heterosexual, Homosexual. Bisexual, Pansexual.... Get out of your little box!

By  jrn  |  14

Nothing wrong with being gay. I quite like it. However, the time invested in your relationship sucks.