By Anonymous - 29/11/2018 23:00 - Canada - Richmond Hill

Today, I was going to have sex for the first time, but when my girlfriend and I got naked, I couldn't get it up. I eventually got hard but it involved me thinking about the time I accidentally saw my girlfriend's brother naked. I think I may be gay. FML
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Or bi. Or pan. Or possibly something else.

That’s not much of an FML these days. Just a few years ago, being gay could get you killed, or at least, unemployed.


That’s not much of an FML these days. Just a few years ago, being gay could get you killed, or at least, unemployed.

Being gay can still get you killed and unemployed. Even in countries where it's illegal to do so. But since when has the legality of something ever stopped a criminal?

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It’s an FML because from you don’t like girls then you gotta dump her and that’s not fun

You think? If having a naked woman in front of you didn’t get you ‘going’ then. you. definitely. are.

Or she could be fugly. Of course, with the prevalence of free Internet ****, men's expectations of what women's bodies should look like have been warped.

Well, if they were going out for some time then she was not that fugly at all. And judging by OP’s comment, they were about to do it, which means OP is a young man in his ‘prime’. Healthy, straight young men usually don’t need to focus (or think about) on other naked men to get aroused.

Either that or your girlfriend is a grade A uggo. Which one it is and whether or not it's the preferable outcome is for you to figure out.

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Why is your girl still on tinder lol if she's in a relationship?

could be you were nervous. There are lots of reasons a guy can't get it up and your first time is a pretty big deal.

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Dude.... The world is not either or. Stop thinking binary and open your mind... Heterosexual, Homosexual. Bisexual, Pansexual.... Get out of your little box!

He couldn't get into the box in the first place, which is kind of the key issue here.

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Nothing wrong with being gay. I quite like it. However, the time invested in your relationship sucks.

That, or your girlfriend's brother looks like a sexy girl. Either way, you will still be loved and supported if you are, indeed, gay.

If you are you are, but you're probably just nervous and maybe swing both ways Least you haven't made up a new gender for yourself