TW: Gross

By sweet_stufz - 11/11/2010 13:30 - Canada

Today, I was in a public washroom and I had to take a dump. I knew how dirty the toilets were, so tried to do the "stand and poo." Unfortunately, I slipped and the poo fell on the ground. Then I realized there were no paper towels. There was a line outside waiting. FML
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Pretend it wasn't yours ;)

Matias_Says_FML 4

That stinks.


Pretend it wasn't yours ;)

or you could squat on the toilet bowl.. lol

EPIC! such a funny fml!

get your shit together. YDI for pooping.

SkyEatsJack 4

Shit happens.

mintcar 9

It'd be very hard for him to pretend. Haha.

hahaha shuda tried it ^^

knibbsy 4

Those who were waiting outside the stall were most likely complete strangers, never seen before and never to be seen again by OP. Who the hell cares what they think? Trying to play it off like it isn't yours is idiotic. Walk out of the stall with pride and say "see that pile of shit in there? It's mine. MINE."

SecureReflex 0

(Insert poo joke here)

OrginalOwen 0

Take your shoe and spread it everywhere then run like he'll.

SmokingPanda 0

thats a shitty situation

holy shit dude i almost pooed laughing

rallets 22

wouldve been bad if the shit hit the fan

Qluz 3

i feel like many people will try to poo while standing up after this fml

MisherzzSquisher 0

lmfao it certainly does =]

Ha that boosted some of my confidence lol

This happens at my job. I fucking stepped in it one day. Thank you!

StiffPvtParts 43

No.62's comment made me laugh more than the actual FML :D

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Matias_Says_FML 4

That stinks.

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collegegirl87 0

Yeah just warn the others that someone left poop on the floor.

haha. agreed. just pretend it wasn't yours. look grossed out when you leave.

you are absolutely Gorgeous I'm Justin.

I aswell, one of the many many few FML's that will ever actually make me laugh

You deserved it. Who poops anyways?

xLil_Mx 0


MissErikaHart 0

that's it?

Then HDI for being human.

SkyEatsJack 4

Animals poop too! Especially cows, those things shit a lot.

deafeningsilence 8

Everyone takes everything so seriously..

Well according to a book my room read to me when I was a baby, EVERYBODY POOPS!! Imagine that!!!!

everyone lol

brokenbitch13 0

i dont poo. its a nasty habit to get yourself into.

I preferr to avoid eating that way I don't have to poo.

I used to but I got help.

Jinx01 0

Serves you right for going to a public restroom

Agreed. I hate public toilets. I refuse to use our house toilets unless they've been cleaned after we've had a party

Would it have been better for him to have shit his pants?

hihi1212 1

i agree lol

TheDrifter 23

It would have made an awesome fml.

bugmenotmofo 34

lol madasmercury, that's actually thought-provoking.

When u gotta go, u gotta go

savanna44 0

just blame someone else and then run.