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But if you were invited, the birthday girl wanted you there, didn't she?

more like the boyfriend did not want you there


FYL HAHA First anyway :-j

And you didn't kick his ass, right there in front of his girlfriend?

FAKE. you just though oh i'm all dressed up i'll go eat in ths restaurant... ALONE. and if its not fake YDI for going to go and eat alone in a restaurant

Plenty of people go eat alone at restaurants

Yes, plenty of people, like the loser OP whom no one wants to eat dinner with. YDI

don't be retarded, people do like having alone time's actually normal. people come and eat out at the restaurant I work at all the time.

But if you were invited, the birthday girl wanted you there, didn't she?

Yeah but the boyfriend and half the party over-ruled her. Or he did it without her knowing

What I want to know is did she still eat there or what happened after?

more like the boyfriend did not want you there

I was wondering about that too.. How does the OP know it "half the party" and not just the boyfriend? Did they straight up say to her "dammit, I wish you weren’t here"? And even if they did, it really should only matter who the birthday girl wants there anyway..

What did you do? And who cares, ask why they don't like you and change your behavior. It might be something you do that prevents people from liking you. If not then you're friend needs to rethink her treatment of you if her boyfriend can get away with treating you like that.

fuck that, OP shouldn't change their behavior. are you retarded? you should never change for anyone! if they don't like it, they can fuck off!

Changing for people is something you never do. If they don't like you, that is their problem.

Wow how is it her boyfriends choice if you attend your friends birthday dinner? What a jerk. I agree with #4 though, there must be a reason this happened.

u poor thing. :(

Wow, that sucks. Poor you :(

maybe the boyfriend doesn't want you there because his girlfriend is secretly a lesbian who wants to have great sex with you on the table in my living room... or maybe that's just me

Nathan, do you often get slapped in conversations? For asking this same thing? I was amused though.

you were amused by that crap?

what can I say, lesbians are amusing.

You were just leaving for the party whilst apparently everyone else had already conducted a poll as to whether you should be invited? Timeline fail.

The poll probably happened earlier, and she got the text as she was leaving, and later found out.

She means that she got the text while she was leaving her house.