By Anonymous - / Sunday 11 October 2009 04:24 / United States
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I was wondering about that too..

How does the OP know it "half the party" and not just the boyfriend? Did they straight up say to her "dammit, I wish you weren’t here"? And even if they did, it really should only matter who the birthday girl wants there anyway..

By  RubixMonkey  |  0

What did you do? And who cares, ask why they don't like you and change your behavior. It might be something you do that prevents people from liking you. If not then you're friend needs to rethink her treatment of you if her boyfriend can get away with treating you like that.

By  NathanKett  |  0

maybe the boyfriend doesn't want you there because his girlfriend is secretly a lesbian who wants to have great sex with you on the table in my living room... or maybe that's just me