By pissed - United States
Today, I was on Facebook looking at pictures of my boyfriend, who was in his friend's wedding this past weekend. He said that none of the girlfriends could come because it would cost too much for the couple. I spent the weekend alone, and all his friend's girlfriends are in the pictures. FML
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By  KwitIt  |  0

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  jessiewessie  |  0

guy time?? are you fucken dumb?? he obviously wasn't having any "guy time" if all the other gfs were there and in all the pics

this must happen to you alot and that's why you're trying to justify it

By  onigiriqueen  |  0

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By  judgeymcjudge  |  0

Er, call me simplistic, but why don't you just *ask him about it*? It could have been for many reasons. Before you feel too insulted and start hating on him a little, find out why. If it's a shitty reason, THEN hate on him :P
It's still totally an FML though.