Sink-dodger alert!

By penpendesrapen - 11/03/2010 00:40 - Philippines

Today, I went to the bathroom to take a piss. While washing my hands, I heard someone taking a large dump in one of the stalls. When he was finished, he left the bathroom without washing his hands. Turns out he was the IT guy I called to fix my computer. He sat down on my chair and used my keyboard. FML
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Lysol. And a phone call to his supervisor. FYL.

that is why you always carry sanitizer


Lysol. And a phone call to his supervisor. FYL.

wow u guys are messed up I would have just licked the keyboard clean

Same here. As well as the toilet bowl.

I would have just licked the keyboard clean Or made snickerdoodles do it

does it feel like u are wiping his ass when u use the keyboard?

@42 why would they clean the toilet?

...and what an interesting phone call that would be :-P

amen lick tht keyboard snick lick it, lick it good

Keyboards are already filfthy. Just clean it off and get over it. Not an FML.

and now your useing it! o god!

do you go to forest park

I wash my hands but don't really get why it's sych a big deal? it's not like he's pulling shit out of his ass <-- pun

beat him over the head with the laptop, make him wash his hands, then tell his supervisor he dropped your laptop and broke it, so u will get a new one and he will be fired

that is why you always carry sanitizer

you should of at least said somthing haha but FYL

wow there's alotta disgusting storys like takin a shit an not washin there hands on FML lol

Thats the kind of complaint that gets a person fired.

Wow........ That's nice......well at least he was thoughtful enough to give you a present XD XD XD

Bitch if you dont shut tha hell up about grammar! YOUR MORE ANNOYING THAN THE WRITING!

I think the people that complain about her are actually a lot worse than anything else on this site. Especially ones that use caps lock.

Hm, Maybe he heard the man take a large dump? Gross but possible, also the smell might help determine how nasty it was. lol fyl

Ydi for not kicking his ass out your office and reporting his nasty ass.