Sink-dodger alert!

By penpendesrapen - 11/03/2010 00:40 - Philippines

Today, I went to the bathroom to take a piss. While washing my hands, I heard someone taking a large dump in one of the stalls. When he was finished, he left the bathroom without washing his hands. Turns out he was the IT guy I called to fix my computer. He sat down on my chair and used my keyboard. FML
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Lysol. And a phone call to his supervisor. FYL.


Lysol. And a phone call to his supervisor. FYL.

ilovewhoppers 0

wow u guys are messed up I would have just licked the keyboard clean

epound28 0

Same here. As well as the toilet bowl.

ilovewhoppers 0

I would have just licked the keyboard clean Or made snickerdoodles do it

does it feel like u are wiping his ass when u use the keyboard?

...and what an interesting phone call that would be :-P

amen lick tht keyboard snick lick it, lick it good

Keyboards are already filfthy. Just clean it off and get over it. Not an FML.

I wash my hands but don't really get why it's sych a big deal? it's not like he's pulling shit out of his ass <-- pun

beat him over the head with the laptop, make him wash his hands, then tell his supervisor he dropped your laptop and broke it, so u will get a new one and he will be fired

garrettjordan 0

you should of at least said somthing haha but FYL

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wow there's alotta disgusting storys like takin a shit an not washin there hands on FML lol

Thats the kind of complaint that gets a person fired.

Wow........ That's nice......well at least he was thoughtful enough to give you a present XD XD XD

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Bitch if you dont shut tha hell up about grammar! YOUR MORE ANNOYING THAN THE WRITING!

I think the people that complain about her are actually a lot worse than anything else on this site. Especially ones that use caps lock.

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Hm, Maybe he heard the man take a large dump? Gross but possible, also the smell might help determine how nasty it was. lol fyl

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Ydi for not kicking his ass out your office and reporting his nasty ass.