By Anonymous - Canada
Today, I was working Customer Service at Wal Mart. An elderly lady came to my register to return a pair of white pants. I asked her what was wrong with them and she replied "even when I had underwear on you could still see my pubic hair." The pants had hair on them. FML
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  01sparkly  |  15

What happens in Walmart, stays in Walmart Today, I got ready to stay over at my boyfriend's house. I brought food, new lingerie, and I got a bikini wax. I did stay overnight, but I was holding a bucket for him because he had gastroenteritis. FML

By  crazy_cat_lady24  |  0

Wow, that was way more information than anyone would need. If I were you I'd never ask again why someone is returning an item...

"even when she had underwear on"... as if that's not the normal way of being dressed.

  ASUmeg  |  0

A lot of retail places unfortunately need a reason to know why something is being returned, i.e. if it's damaged. In this case, I would definitely damage out the pube pants