By Michael tee - 11/08/2011 20:11 - United States

Today, I asked my dad if I was a planned baby. He asked me if the crazy drunken party he and my mom had nine months prior to my birth counted. FML
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I've never been brave enough to ask, I was afraid I'd get an answer like this one..

Yes, that counts.



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Trouble counting?

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Comment deleted!

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I'm sorry.

yes quite planned indeed :)

You shouldn't be sorry.OP was obviously a planned baby.

well he did plan that party

BTW it doesn't.

You totally deserved it.

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That's rough...

my dad told me that the worst STD you can have is a child............ we both started laughing

Well if OP's parents didn't want him/her they could've gotten rid of him/her quite easily. No matter if OP was "planned" or not, it's obvious s/he was wanted.

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On the bright side, at least he didn't scream "I wish I'd never adopted you!" That would have been a messed up way to find out that, not only were you not planned, but you were adopted.

Shadow1368 why did you use the same pic as shroomz? v confusing.

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#80 sorry do u want me to change it? it's no trouble if I do. My friend and I were sending each other pictures and she told me to save that one cause it's cool, so I did. I didn't know someone else on FML had that, sorry guys!

71- An FML reference. Good for you

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Awesomeeeee :)

Last time I heard that one I laughed so hard that I fell off my dinosaur

Op wasn't planned but at least the father didn't say he was a mistake.

Exactly 145. Most kids aren't actually 'planned' they are wanted, but a vast majority of the time you don't seek out having sex to get pregnant, it happens and it makes you happy :)

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you dont know that they were wanted either...many people have kids cos they dont feel abortion is right. then they go on to bitch about how they 'dont feel they should be punished forever for a mistake they made when they were young' though anybody cares. so what it comes down to is, you asked a question, they answered, if you couldnt handle hearing it then dont ask. ydi.


I've never been brave enough to ask, I was afraid I'd get an answer like this one..

what does "OP" stand for?

Orange Poop

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#22 Original Poster

Octopus poo.

Octagonal Pussy

You ruined it 28

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Oh, well I'm sorry for actually telling #22 what it meant because they actually wanted to know.

Oprah's penis.

Oprah Pimphry.

Overgrown Prostate

Optimus Prime

Overweight popo

oblong punani

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O-busive PaPa.

Orgasmic proctologist.

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Open pussy

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C-c-combo breaker! And I love (sarcasm) how everyone thumbs down my comment because I told that person what it actually meant. Are u people that rude?

Ovular Penis

it stands for original poster :)

It can stand for whatever you want it to stand for

Obese Pornstar

Way to ruin it 136

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Oriental Pimp

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Now you gave it away for sure 141

thank you!

Ovulating punani

Agreed. Sometimes ignorance truly is bliss.

WTF just happened here?

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it stands for truth, justice and the american way. it doesnt however stand for any of your crap, so shut the **** up.


This girl is hot n op stands for overgrown pubes

And not one C-C-C-Combo Breaker? This thread stands to be original!

Yes, that counts.

It's not that no one wants you, it's that no one wanted you... Feel better?

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Yes, yes it does.

I was an accident too. if they had another chance, I'm sure they would mean to have you. that's why it's called an accident

If they would have done it over again I think they wouldnt have had her at all.

#43, from this FML there's no way you can glean that information.

I was just responding to 8, so don't hate.

I don't believe that's why they call it an accident. I believe an accident is unintended result.

55- also what does "glean" mean?

Look it up or use context clues. Lazy...

I'm an accident too and an only child... I never had to ask though since my dad never stopped talking about how I wasn't planned since I was 8... :

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yes i crashed my car by accident, of course now if i was given another chance id mean to crash it. thats why they call it an accident...excuse me, i have to go for a drive.

Sorry op :( the next time your dad asks for a hand or something go over and help for five seconds and ask if that counted

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Don't feel bad, I wasn't planed either. To be honest my parents only stayed together because I was born. The important thing is that you are alive now! With only one life so short you must make the best of it. Don't question the past but look towards the future!

Okay, so RabidBunny's words were a little cliched and trite, but way to make him feel bad about offering consolation to the OP. Check out the first sentence on his profile. How fitting.

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35 oh shut the **** up :)

blacksswan 10

You must have had a rough life? Always trolling and bringing down others and that to by using a keyboard :D

No one ever really plans to have a baby anymore. Unless they're ******* crazy or old.

Your parents must have been ******* crazy and old. So how are they doing now?

Amicably divorced for 10 years. However, I did say "anymore" meaning now-a-days and not my parents generation so your comment is moot... And mine is very late in coming.