By thesadone / Saturday 3 July 2010 06:49 / United States
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  iamthespider  |  0

Well I tried it just now, and it worked but it wasn't easy. Maybe my boobs are too small or something.. And 66, circa survive is amazing i fucking love that song.

  Shokz992  |  0

To all those people who are retards and do not know:

Capacitive touch screens work via electrical conductivity - that is to say you can control it with anything that's conductive (as long as it's got a big enough contact area to bridge the connection between copper wires in the screen).

  ladiesman14  |  0

i just played TAP TAP revenge with my Wang on the iphone. but you gotta be semi hard. my gf was impressed until the sticky pre cum got on her screen. now she can think of me everytime she texts or puts up to her face.

  Shokz992  |  0

234 - Trust me, it's not heat. I can't explain why some people can't control it as well when their hands are cold, but it still works fine with me in that situation and I can use ice cold metal to control it too. It's called a capacitive touch screen, not a heat sensing one.

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