By thesadone - 03/07/2010 06:49 - United States

Today, I realized that the best and most entertaining part of my 3 day mini vacation was realizing my nipples work on the touch screen of my iPhone. FML
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honestly that's fucking amazing haha. :)

danipoo4u 0

Haha wow I am about to so try that right now lol


Virus963 5


averagepurson 2

my nipples work on your mom

nice. my nipples can operate rocket ships

omg I havta try that now

megamandude455 10

my nipples spray silk

shit happens when you're bored. LMFAOO. I tried that agesssss ago! ;D

bubbarific 0

my nipples r typin this status

my nipples can cut diamonds.

Immature nipple jokes! wait no not today :(

Haha wow..I just wish I knew whether OP is a woman or a man xP

tab13 0

that's nice.....

Devanthegreat 0

i just tried it and it worked ;D

youtube it please

StopTheFuckinCar_fml 0

Where did you go for vacation that you were that bored? Utah?

#38 LOL WIN!!!

pics or it didn't happen =p

cbr600_fml 0

lame u can't even have fun on a vacation fyl Op

Trupe 3

I actually tried it lol.

missmurderx 8

uhmm.. I'll be right back... =P

jrkarikas 0

my nipples make me sammiches

JayColt 0

my nipples leeory jenkinsed the onixya lair... am I right or am I right?

WingsFan80 4

78 your tattoo is lame.

Well I tried it just now, and it worked but it wasn't easy. Maybe my boobs are too small or something.. And 66, circa survive is amazing i fucking love that song.

hi, guys, try it with your cock, it works too

Haileyw15 0

Duuude it does work... That's fun. xD

Raleigh_bruh 7

Hailey... 0.o Not you too, lol.

OMFG IT ACTUALLY WORKS. Works with your dick too.

I totally tried this after reading this

I wish I wasn't in public so I could try this lol

StopTheFuckinCar_fml 0

116, your taste in music is superior, my friend ;)

Playdough works too!

KiddNYC1O 20

tried it with my nose and chin, doesn't work

try your tounge it works too!!

that's what I'm sayin' 43!

Confirmed! Op told the truth, they just really works!

Raleigh, you know you wanna try it bro lol

gangstalife4me 0

pictures or doesnt work

KiddNYC1O 20

^ lol

my Wang works on my iPod touch (it probably does)

my nipples look like milk duds

quent10 0

you should come help me with my iPhone, I've been having problems

dflip 0

it works with just about any place on your body with skin and heat. that is, everything but your hair and nails.

M4V3R1CKR13 0

my nipples shoot out spiderwebs spider nipple spider dose whatever a spider nopple dose!

abcdefghijKayla 0

did you get that from Whose Line Is It Anyway?

abcdefghijKayla 0

that was to 176 fafp

how is this a status?

Yee12 0

Dude! It works! :D

my dick sprays "milk"

To all those people who are retards and do not know: Capacitive touch screens work via electrical conductivity - that is to say you can control it with anything that's conductive (as long as it's got a big enough contact area to bridge the connection between copper wires in the screen).

Romeo69 0

#88 hahaha

6blondie9 4

whoa!!! it really works!!!

6blondie9 4

229, I'm pretty sire it's heat cause when my fingers are cold I can't use my iPod anymore

i just played TAP TAP revenge with my Wang on the iphone. but you gotta be semi hard. my gf was impressed until the sticky pre cum got on her screen. now she can think of me everytime she texts or puts up to her face.

silentsniper441 0

what if it's a guy

ugh your right i hope her 2 younger brothers or her parents or friends or strangers dont use that phone.

137- I'll work with your dickkk.

Cupcak3splzz 0

lolz. that comment made my day ^-^

omg it works with your balls too. i just teabagged my gf's iphone. i deserve an award. the NUTtiest fml iphone user award.

in soviet Russia the iPhone works on your nipples

234 - Trust me, it's not heat. I can't explain why some people can't control it as well when their hands are cold, but it still works fine with me in that situation and I can use ice cold metal to control it too. It's called a capacitive touch screen, not a heat sensing one.

dude, why didn't you try that on your OWN iphone? especially if you decide to use it to browse the web ;)

it works!!! cool!!!! and yeah. I'm a girl. and 74 is a win.

it works with the back of my nails

adriane209 0

lol I just tried it and i think my nips are defective.

dude I just tried that! so cool!

FYourLifeGamble 0

Way to ruin the idiots fun (thus putting them back in our way while we are driving).

I feel like so many people are gonna try that now

It's because there isn't as much conductivity as less blood etc is sent to the extremities

honestly that's fucking amazing haha. :)

today, my mom walked in in my attempting to prove this FML... FML

more like fail xD

hahahahaahahahaa ;)

alleyx3 0

lol niiiicee(;

Haha thats so EPIC

I know right? I just tried it. haha

lewser 0

you used ur nipple? i thought girls could only do it.

And.......why would you try that???

JayColt 0

my pengina hurts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thorfinntheassri 0


cuz she feeeeeels like it

It's called boredom, #3

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Haha wow I am about to so try that right now lol

xLittleMissPinkx 5

Lol same here. Glad I'm not the only one XD

imissmyself 0

awesome. You got pepporoni tits?

LOOOOL, i should try that :D

Darko21 5

Let me know how it works out. XD

paolayupp 6

it works. Just sayin

were you in flipping Alaska ??!? or your slick new ipjone just turns you on? ;) I heard they vibrate

Lol I discovered that ages ago ;)

misticajune 0

haha,.I've tried my cats paw

shy84 0

that's just amazimg