By smellyhouse - 27/11/2011 10:19 - Canada

Today, my brother decided deodorant causes cancer. He goes to the gym every day. FML
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Very smart man. He's going to live for a very long time after that


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first! - but that's gross - I hope they toss him from the gym for stinking up the joint! & I hope you've stocked up in fragrances that can block that horrible smell!

If you're first, then that means you're a ugly, trolling, virgin, lonely, genital-less, hairless, toothless, inbred moron. Good for you, mate.

#1 was deleted because he said a word that starts with F and rhymes with Thirst.

Very smart man. He's going to live for a very long time after that

Yes, but he will smell like a dead person

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Arm and hammer makes a deodorant called essentials that is aluminum and paraben free

Hopefully one day he doesn't decide he can cure aids and start ******* everything that moves

It's the aluminum that is carcinogenic. Quite a few healthier brands make a more natural alternative, like The Body Shop and Melaleuca. The Body Shops deodorant is called DeoDry, and uses volcanic minerals and essential oils. It actually works! And no, I don't work there.:)

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33- didn't ya' hear that water also causes cancer ?

I'd probably start becoming better friends with your brother because sooner or later no one is going to want to be around him anymore...

30 - your name sounds an awful lot like Nazi...

I just want to know how he came to that deduction. Sounds like the kind of man that could fix our economy.


Can anybody tell me one thing that doesn't cause cancer? Almost everything does nowadays

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Us sitting in front of our computers/phones reading this will give us cancer too... Ah well. Challenge accepted.

Gorgeous isn't a word used to describe scents...

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Or it can't and the statement makes no sense

This argument makes no sense.. Who gives a crap if gorgeous describes a scent or not!

46 - gorgeous |ˈgôrjəs|adjective beautiful; very attractive: gorgeous colors and exquisite decoration. • informal very pleasant: a short but gorgeous hot summer. I'd say it can describe aural, olfactory, tactile, oral and visual stimuli without any issue.

DrDilllonReece is quite nonsensical. Do you confer? :)

DrDillon is very nonsensical. Do you confer? And just the other day the clerk at Sephora described Yves Saint Laurents new fragrance to me as "gorgeous." So obviously it is a legit smell describing word. Some peoples children.. :)

Glitchy app, sorry guys. Ever since I downloaded the new version it's sucked :(

Some peoples children are going further places than you ever will...

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Yeah, I forgot you know me and everything about me. I'll enjoy being your boss one day, I'm out.

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He still showers though right?

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Soon he might start thinking cancer is contagious so he won't want to be around anyone who uses deodorant or showers..

Along with sunshine. And happiness and rainbows.

126- if that was true California wouldn't exist.

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Reports indicate that daily showering may administer a lethal dose of AIDS.

We are talking if they dot use deodorant, then Febreeze works. Ofcoarse we know deodorant works, Silly ! xD

"dot"/"ofcoarse" Canadians and their bad spelling...

^ I can spell better than the lot of you, and I'm Canadian. He has no excuse for the "ofcoarse", but the "dot" is clearly a typo. Stupid Americans and their assuming they're better than everyone else. Get off your high horse.

85-Excuse me?? Well if thats what you think of Canadians, you should see what we think of most Americans. Americans and their ignorant attitudes. 93- Nice capitilization.

Where in my comment did i complain about stereotypes? I just responded to 85's comment.

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Sometimes I wish I was born on an island away from all the stereotypes.

103 - That was the point. I was trying to make whoever I replied to have an epiphany. *facepalm* 114 - Australia? Where everything is constantly trying to kill you?

Except for the koala bears! I hear they can be quite hospitable. :)

114- If you're from Africa, why are you white?

You guys were trollolololololololed so hard. 91: I don't think I'm better than other countries. I was just being douche. 100: You guys may hate us, but your country as a whole is pretty dependent on us. 65% of your exports come from the US. 75% of your exports go to the US. We're also Canada's largest investor with 100s of billions of dollars invested in your economy. Not to mention military arrangements...

Pfft! We give you wood to build your houses. Canada is much larger than the USA and yet we are still thought of the little sister, ya right more like the tall middle child that got no attention. Im not saying America is bad but look who started this argument. You all get Hollywood, most internet websites are made there and then no one from Canada can watch any of the good quality vidoes because the good old "only America can watch this" pops up each time and thats when half of the population swears at America. You give us stereotypes such as we all have pet mooses, we say "ey" 24/7, and run around in snow with plaided shirts. B.C does'nt even have much snow at all. You all have Hollywood to get rid of the stereotypes for you and be all "America is the center of the Universe". We don't do less than you all we just don't get any credit for our work. Also yes this is the longest FML comment i have ever posted and for the grammar nazis im sorry for any spelling mistakes. ;)

What doesn't these days? Soon Moonlight will cause cancer, and when that day comes I've got my tanning booth ready.

Instead of listing off what causes cancer, how about we list off what doesn't.

Broccoli is the food with the most cancer preventing agents. :)

Apparently the auditorium ceiling in middle school caused cancer...

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if he can't put deodorant on then why not shower after?

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or he could try natural deoderant... :)

I suppose your parents aren't gonna do anything about this?

You imply that your brother used deoderant before. Tell him he already has cancer due to his previous use of deoderant. Now sit back and watch the ride.