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  cmyk  |  19

between 11 and 7 they have to be quiet, else you can ask them to quiet down, but if you got same type of neighbours as I do who blas music all day and ignoring your complaints (got homeoffice) you just have to either talk to the land lord or just try to ignore it.. Sorry op! Feel better!

  crammer1  |  6

I feel your pain...I had a neighbor who didn't have a job and blasted lady gaga all day at full volume even when she was sleeping, or not even at home. I complained so much the landlord eventually moved me to another apartment.

  st0815  |  9

They are moving in. What are they supposed to do, leave the bed and furniture disassembled and the boxes unpacked until the OP feels better? They can't really do anything for him, and all he achieves by making an unreasonable request is to annoy his new neighbors.

By  notjustanybody20  |  9

People can be so inconsiderate! Go explain to them that you're sick and ask if they can lower the noise down! anyways chill op. They are moving in so it would be noisy! Hopefully wont last long ! :)
Feel better soon!


It'd be kinda cool if you gave them a sampled drum beat, turned it up to the exact level of their commotion, and told them to work to the rhythm. That might at least make it a little easier to stand.