By canispankthat - 01/10/2010 11:07 - United States

Today, I caught my husband modeling my cute floral panties. All he could manage to say was "I love you." FML
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cross dressing usually has little to do with gay. it's separate from sexual preference. it's still odd. but I've known several cross dressers with happy heterosexual marriages.

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Relax, it's not gay. You turn him on, and he's trying to imagine how it feels to be you.


seriously hes a she... and shes a freak wat zde fuhk?

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YDI for having panties your husband can fit into fatty.

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oh wow, this fml just reminded me of spongebob. I can just imagine op's husband saying it the Patrick said it in the chocolate episode XDD

At least he loves you. He could do worse things than want to try on your panties. Like drugs, binge drinking all the time, hitting you, being a dead beat... I would just try to think of it as being a little kinky ha ha

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at least he's not into Dutch ovens.

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@26 LOL. I was thinking the same thing. Shame on me. Maybe they're both skinny

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At least he wasn't smelling them.

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fat people can't wear "cute floral panties"

you make me wet when you come in the door oh oh oh oh..... come over

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26 your a jerk wad!!!! Really what if their both skinny? Your a jerk!

It's nice he loves you. Shame he'd rather you were called Alfred.

you must have a tiny man or huge panties!

Lol my man is 6"2 and 180 lb, and I'm 5"0 110 lb, but I bet he could squeeze into my panties. They would never look the same after that- I'm sure you would be able to hear the elastic ripping- but maybe op's husband was going to throw them away after.

Well, tbf, was there anything he could say to you OP that would make it seem any less weird? :P

Being able to trip and fall and get on some panties in the one movement is fairly impressive... If not unlikely. :P Maybe he should've just said. "I'm wearing my wife's knickers." (I'll be surprised if anyone gets the reference, but you never know.)

"I tripped and fell..." ...and all my clothes happened to fall of, and the only thing I could find to cover myself was this pair of panties. How do they look?

48- off* AND before you start accusing me of stalking you, I don't. I always read Cinn's comments. ^^ Back to the FML, girls wear boxers and get away with it, so why can't guys wear panties? OKAY I DON'T WEAR PANTIES AND NEVER TRIED TO!

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Cinn, How about "Does this make my butt look fat?"

Well, at least that one doesn't involve a really obscure reference, RedPill. :P

52 - Thanks. I realized that after. One typo's pretty good for being heavily drugged with cold meds! :)

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aaaaaha oh man, wear his boxers?

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yeah but that's not nearly as weird.

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poor guy. he's probably really embarrassed. I hope you didn't make a big deal out of it.

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I think as long as he wasn't then forced to admit that he was gay and in love with Pedro the pool boy, I'd be totally cool with this. There's nothing wrong with a healthy curiosity for the opposite sex, it's just more often accepted when it's on the womens' side.

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What does being gay have to do with anything? I'm gay and I've never worn panties. Way to feed the stereotypes... Idiot.

65, I believe 11 was saying that if she were in the OP's position, she wouldn't really care about this incident *unless* the OP's husband admitted to being gay, in which case the couple would obviously have an entirely different problem.

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Well the bad thing about being gay is that you're inclined to divorcing your wife, leaving her alone and heart-broken. Damn gays /sarcasm