By Anonymous - United States - Parker
  Today, I put on some sexy lingerie, ready to have some fun with my husband. I found him in the living room, opening a bag of doritos in front of the TV. He saw me and understood. Then he looked back at the doritos, then back at me and said gravely, "No way, babe. No way." FML
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  rachangie  |  19

Nacho all the way! Gotta love the classics! As good as they are though I don't know if I would choose them over sex...mostly because you can always just eat them after sex and everything tastes better after!:)

  MisterEx  |  28

#76 - because most of us men don't know how to multitask. So your performance in bed is not as good while eating Doritos. A plot twist to #46's idea would be suggesting to have sex WITH Doritos. Trust me i know. I am a random Internet user.

  Pussycat86  |  18

#39 actually there is an ad for Doritos with the same concept, only in the ad it helps the person get laid it's on YouTube and name is banned Doritos commercial

  misspaperwait  |  4

It's not the refusal of sex that got him in the dog house it's the way he did it. Rather than making a point of basically saying junk food is more important than your needs he could have just said "you know babe I'm not really in mood" or something. If he's going to act like a dick he kinda deserves to spend a night on the couch.

By  sexual_girl  |  15

Normally I would suggest combining food with sex (e.g., have him eat it off your body), but I'm not sure how well that would work with Doritos... Better luck next time OP.