By Anonymous - 03/10/2009 12:29 - United States

Today, I spent the entire day packing my car full of boxes for my move tomorrow. When I finally finished, I realized I didn't have the car key. It's inside one of the boxes. FML
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Wow you must have a REALLY big car if it took you all day to put boxes in it!


dcbog123 0

haha dumbass i hope you never find them


lebronesque73091 12

That must require a bit of absentmindedness. Good luck finding them.

torch433 1

thtz fukked up she jus made a mistake leave her tha fukk alone jeez people r so rude these days

Woooooow. That sucks, I'm gonna say ydi for being stupid enough to do that, and fyl for having to unbox the box. lulz.

morbidsweet 0

LMFAO XD Nice. FYL, but YDI, be more careful with your keys next time :P.

wickedsmart 0

Why the **** would you pack your keys? Ydi for being a collage dropout

teach09 0

how do you drop out of collage? just wondering...

Lol I guess Wicked was the one to drop out. Collages are so hard these days :P ________________________________

Okie7123 0

Yea, I'm not fan of collages. They're kinda tacky and best saved for scrap booking by high school girls.

per_lover 0

I don't really get why you would pack your keys in the first place.

It was probably an accident. Whenever I am doing something like packing or taking out the trash (and need my keys to get back into the apartment) I always quadruple check (or more) to make sure my keys are in my pocket and not in the trash/packing boxes.

That's understandable. My mother is horrible with her keys so I usually have to check for her. :P