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YDI for being a idiot.

Wow you must have a REALLY big car if it took you all day to put boxes in it!


YDI for being a idiot.

Nice going Dip Shit.

haha dumbass i hope you never find them


That must require a bit of absentmindedness. Good luck finding them.

thtz fukked up she jus made a mistake leave her tha fukk alone jeez people r so rude these days

Woooooow. That sucks, I'm gonna say ydi for being stupid enough to do that, and fyl for having to unbox the box. lulz.

LMFAO XD Nice. FYL, but YDI, be more careful with your keys next time :P.

wow u stupid retard

I agree with #11.

Why the fuck would you pack your keys? Ydi for being a collage dropout

how do you drop out of collage? just wondering...

Lol I guess Wicked was the one to drop out. Collages are so hard these days :P ________________________________

Yea, I'm not fan of collages. They're kinda tacky and best saved for scrap booking by high school girls.

good job. retard

was that a FRIENDS reference?

ydi for being a retard

I don't really get why you would pack your keys in the first place.

It was probably an accident. Whenever I am doing something like packing or taking out the trash (and need my keys to get back into the apartment) I always quadruple check (or more) to make sure my keys are in my pocket and not in the trash/packing boxes.

That's understandable. My mother is horrible with her keys so I usually have to check for her. :P