By Anonymous - 30/11/2010 06:08 - United States

Today, I flew into Denver. Never having been here before, I was excited to see the view from our window. In the middle seat, I leaned over to look - at the same time yawning to relieve pressure in my ears. The yawning caused me to drool on the stranger sitting next to me. FML
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ulicksam 0

YDI for being rude to the passenger next to you. How would you like it they leaned over you and yawned?

zombunny 2

Who the hell drools while yawning? Get some control over your bodily functions.


ulicksam 0

YDI for being rude to the passenger next to you. How would you like it they leaned over you and yawned?

you flew in eh? your arms must be really tired HIO!

You should have given him a handy to make up for the drool.

Some guys pay extra for that.

An airline in ireland( ryanair) actually charge extra for usingbtoilets to masturbate!

RedPillSucks 31


Do they also charge for admission to the mile high club?

maybe they were asleep?

cloudy01 0

I <3 you

sourgirl101 28

Mile high club? I just found out there's a club for having sex while SCUBA diving. Even though it's dangerous, it still has a huge membership list.


A snorkel can be used in various ways.

RedPillSucks 31

I've got a huge member(ship).

stupid application. send button is next to the cancel button. haha but you should have waited

dropdeadtrollin 0

stop YAWNING!!!

Cjmw 7

The Mudkip speaks wisdom.

I heard you liek mudkipzzz

dropdeadtrollin 0

do you like guys? :o

sadkiddie 0

Today, I flew into Denver and the obnoxious woman beside me kept leaning over to look out the window. Just as I was about to complain, she yawned, drooling on me. <- now that's who should have fml'd =P

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lexi365 20

that would of been great.

dropdeadtrollin 0

also window licker comes to mind.

You need to get control of your bosy

stfuscrub420 0

fmls used to make me laugh

zodak 0

lol Josh mcdaniels needs a FML

like being fired. that would be a good fml.

fullofmetal 7

DIA is most definitely not exciting enough to warrant crawling over other passengers in order to look at it.

op might have been flying in the daytime. depending on which way she's coming in, she might have gotten a nice view of the mountains. but I agree, DIA sucks.

More of an FML for your neighbor.