By Anonymous - 23/2/2021 00:30

Infectious laugh

  Today, I'd always been scared of meeting someone from Tinder, so I was really reassured when my first Tinder date went really well. I kept seeing the guy. He then gave me herpes. FML
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By  Tara Vilk  |  7

let's not assume OP didn't use protection. even if a condom is used herpes can still be spread as it can be transmitted through the shedding of skin. and depending on where the person was in the herpes cycle it may have been hard to detect on his skin.

By  Amanda G Rich  |  23

So many ignorant people. condoms aren't 100 percent affective. And herpes isn't just genitalia. it can be oral. but don't worry too much OP, 80 percent of the population has at least one form of herpes, just ask any gynecologist. Get a prescription for flairs ups and start practicing safe sex with future partners. Educate yourself on Herpes and communicate these findings to potential future partners. Its not the end of the world. it sucks, but transferring it will be near impossible if youre medicated and practice safe sex. good luck and hope things brighten up!