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By Anonymous - 10/10/2012 21:48 - Canada - Winnipeg

Today, my husband let me know he felt I was ignoring him by jabbing me in the right ear with his erect penis while I was Skyping with my mum overseas. FML
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Wow, what a dick

Kind of a dick move on his part if you ask me.


bigdude1302 2

Huh...well...ummmm....ya i got nothin'.

He couldn't just talk to you about it?

Hey now, it's not like he wasn't using his head.

Well, come to think of it, it's not like she could hear him anyways with a penis in her ear. Haha

She probably got quite the earful from her mother..

She probably got quite the earful from her mother..

Sorry stupid phone..

This reminds me of a your mamma joke. Your mom is so nasty,we had phone sex, and I got a ear infection.

Apparently he tried before this, but it seems she was ignoring him.

That's not where it goes silly.

enonymous 8

Remember family guy: once you go black you go deaf

Insert jaws music with that image, it will make your day probably.

No 21..... OP got an earful from her husband!

Great form of communication

Isn't that considered foreplay?! No? Well then, my husband won't be getting any tonight!

You and I, have completely different views on foreplay..

Pretty sure #3 was trying to joke ..

Why thank you. Yes I was.

I guess all the thumbs down are from people that flew right past the joke here. I giggled!

Wow, what a dick

Seriously... Didn't be notice she was busy...

What a prick..

No pun intended... Lol

^Pun intended...

Stoppe ham, eller vil du være i en vanskelig situasjon :D

Kind of a dick move on his part if you ask me.

One of the best Fml's lol

He was giving you a Jaw Boner ear piece. :P

What the hell is a "Jaw Boner ear piece"? Is that some new sexual term the kids are using nowadays?

While this isn't the best pun of all time, it was still pretty good. I can't believe the comment NOT understanding got thumbs up and the actual pun thumbs down. FYI, a jaw bone (boner) is a high end brand of blue tooth headset. Not as funny now when someone has to spell it out is it?

56 thanks! Cool! At last someone who is tech savvy gets it... Nice!!! :P Thanks! ;)

I hope he didn't know you were talking to your mom on Skype.

RedPillSucks 31

I want to know what the mom thought. Her FML... Today, I was talking to my daughter on skype and had to view my idiot son-in-law poking his junk in her ear. No wonder I don't have any grandkids. FML

I am so tired that I almost made a pun on her listening capability and the location of his meat sword and thought it was clever, rather than a very single entendre. Dodged that bullet. On that note, OP, you should probably stick to your "personal" bullet for the foreseeable future.

oj101 33

Someone's going to have a hard time when he meets the mother in law. What goes round comes round...

... Pun intended?

What gos around comes around? Is his mother in law going to stick her ****** in his ear as punishment?

Few can resist the all powerful jab of the mighty phallus! Especially OP's mom. And of course OP's right ear. Sounds like he got everyone's attention, all right!