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While this isn't the best pun of all time, it was still pretty good. I can't believe the comment NOT understanding got thumbs up and the actual pun thumbs down. FYI, a jaw bone (boner) is a high end brand of blue tooth headset. Not as funny now when someone has to spell it out is it?

  RedPillSucks  |  31

I want to know what the mom thought.
Her FML...

Today, I was talking to my daughter on skype and had to view my idiot son-in-law
poking his junk in her ear. No wonder I don't have any grandkids. FML

By  syki  |  22

I am so tired that I almost made a pun on her listening capability and the location of his meat sword and thought it was clever, rather than a very single entendre. Dodged that bullet.

On that note, OP, you should probably stick to your "personal" bullet for the foreseeable future.