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Today, I took the day off work to be with my wife, since she's always bemoaning my lack of romantic gestures. As thanks, she spent most of the day reading Fifty Shades of Grey, which is basically a blatant plagiarism of Twilight, starring a pair of two-dimensional BDSM freaks. FML
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Dammit redbluegreen! You edited your comment and now I look like an idiot.


colts609380 7

And on the day you're off! Sorry OP :(

Tali147 16

That does sound like a terrible way to spend a day off. Forgive me but can anyone tell me what is meant by BDSM?

godisnowhere41 5

It means Beautiful Dead Sex Monkeys

BDSM means bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism.

redbluegreen- I believe you added an extra D and left out an M.

redbluegreen- I believe you added an extra D and left out an M. Your definition is still fitting, though.

Dammit redbluegreen! You edited your comment and now I look like an idiot.

My wife is also reading said book. And she complains that she doesn't see me enough.

40-rofl I read your comment at first and I was like "the hell is he talking about" then I read your second comment and Lol'd

MerrikBarbarian 9

I thought it was bondage, domination, sadism, masochism.... though I suppose discipline works too.

Actually, BDSM is a compound acronym for Bondage/discipline, dominance/submission, sadism/masochism. And I'll have you know, people who commented above, that we who enjoy such activities have sex just as often as vanilla people.

spekledworf 18

That's what you get for talking to your friend about Pokemon all day

Sometimes even more often *nods thoughtfully*

Tali147 16

Vanilla? BDSM? Ugh! So many confusing things!

164: that's like telling someone not to look.

Girlfriend of 3 years broke up with me because she got into BDSM from that book. I bought it for her, too. I should submit an FML about this..

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The OP is an idiot fifty shades of grey IS a fan fiction book based on twilight with a different plot!!! I LOVE the books and you could read them too and learn so Ething obviously you aren't pleasing her learn from Christian!!!! And read the book before you give your critics opinion!!!

200 - Please stop reading BDSM books every day while adjusting your glasses and drooling. Fifty Shades of Grey is the creepiest erotic literature book in the GALAXY. I don't know anyone who would use a tie for bondage.

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Leave... Her? The house? Specifics man! Be more specific!

You better not be trying to tell OP to leave his wife just because he doesn't approve or her reading choices

No no, he should only leave if she is reading the real Twilight.

woah. you should just slowly walk out the door!

KingDingALing 9

What he SHOULD do is grab a bottle of lotion, lock himself in the bathroom, and have a blast. Problem solved...mildly.

zuzupetalsYO 11

OR he could have actually planned something for the whole day. She's right OP, you are a romantic failure.

Your picture is the main reason I thumbed you up :)

58 your comment is the main reason I thumbed you down

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schubur 3

Wow a shitty rip off of an already shitty book. That really was a low blow.

I've written better erotic fanfiction than that. And I'm a talking chipmunk. That's like a hamster being better at playing basketball than Lebron James. Te-motherfucking-he.

olpally 32

49- those are true facts right there! Lebron is a bitch! Haha

Day wasted obviously. While the night still lingers, go out with friends and party (not to hard, you have work)! She can read her weird book. On a completely unrelated topic, where can I find this book..?

SneezyC 15

The book store.. Depends on where you're at maybe a library. Because of the content of this book it's been banned from several libraries. My friend got the whole trilogy. I read parts of Fifty Shades of Grey I now see why it's been banned. You're welcome.

You can save yourself the effort and just find the original fanfiction online. Just google Master of the Universe.

MerrikBarbarian 9

And now I know I'm going to hate myself for looking this up... But eh, I've been reading horrible fan fic lately anyways.. How bad can it be?

99 problems but a biatch ain't one. Live by that

I guess that's a good way of life... If you're gay or just like being lonely

31 sounds like you know all about being gay and single?

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57- You're trolling on a site that welcomes diversity. Congratulations.

b00kn3rd 14

Actually I read it already and the BDSM point is right on but the twilight reference is a stretch. They do have an uncontrollable connection but that's a universal love theme used throughout literature. It's just twilight made it more public. Other than that few parallels, in my opinion, exist.

It started off as Twilight fanfiction called Master of the Universe. Names, locations, and other things were changed to avoid lawsuits.

Finnick_fml 12

The author admitted that it started out as a Fanfiction for Twilight (which is sort of disturbing; a middle-aged mother imagining Edward and Bella involved in BDSM.....). So, basically, the two main characters (their personalities, how they act) and the love story are based off of/the same as Twilight. So.. yep, it can be defined as a rip-off. :)

I would never refer to Fifty Shades or Twilight as "literature". Shiterature, maybe.

rotflqtms_ 21

...and I'm sure Twilight also started off as a Charlaine Harris' "Sookie Stackhouse" series fanfic, but for teens, with teens as main characters instead of adults... Yeah, Twilight is oddly similar to the whole thing except they have sparkly vamps & kept everything really pg...(Don't believe me? look at when they were released... years before the 1st Twilight book was even thought of...or you can take the easy route & watch the beginning of True Blood and immediately see similarities) oh, and by the way... 1st stackhouse = May 1, 2001 1st Twilight = October 5, 2005...

rotflqtms_ 21

Oh, and here is what I googled on the plot summary. I really hate that Twilight is getting props for an original idea when all she did was make a PG version of True Blood's book series (Sookie Stackhouse series) So to give Charlaine Harris her overdue credit, I googled and found the plot similarities, because I was too lazy to write it up myself. I did read Twilight when it first came out, and stumbled upon Charlaine Harris's version written 4 years earlier!!! I am not just hating on Twilight, I have an actual reason to hate it...other than the weak sparkly vampires and sad plot (outside of what she robbed from Charlaine) so let me get on with it and paste my googled findings... I found this as I googled Sookie Stackhouse Series vs Twilight release dates "Twilight (legally) Plagiarizes True Blood/ Sookie Stackhouse? Posted by Emily on July 3, 2009 at 9:21am in Archive View Discussions Many, many, MANY nerdfighters have read and or enjoyed the series of Twlight by Stephanie Meyer. Even I confess to have profusely liking them as when i read them. I'm sure many nerdfighters have also/and/or enjoyed/seen the series True Blood. It's very good, I agree. I found out there was a book series behind the TV show so I immediately began reading them. As I delved deeper into the Sookie Stackhouse Series (that's what the books are called) I made a disgusting connection between the two series. The plot of True Blood is a telepath (that is, mind reading) girl in northern Louisiana meets a vampire and falls in love with him because she cannot hear his thoughts. The author, Charlaine Harris, also includes Werewolves, covens of Vampires, and Shape Shifters (later in the series). The things she mentions about the Weres is that they have a high temperture, feel warm, and start were symptoms at puberty. She said that the Vampires who lived in Covens were more hostile whereas the ones who lived alone were more humane. She mentioned that certain groups of Shape Shifters had different eyes (goldenish) differen from the other shifters. Humans turn Vampire from a sequencee of being bitten and having their blood removed, replaced with some of the Vampire's, and changed over around a 2-3 day period. Sounding familiar? The plot of Twilight is that a Vampire who is a telepath (that is, a mind reader) meets a girl in Washington whom he cannot read her thoughts, and therefore falls in love with her. The author, Stephanie Meyer, also includes Werewolves and covens (later on in the series). She says how Weres have very high tempertures and feel extremely warm, and all of her werewolves turned to such at some point of teenagehood. She said the vampires who lived in Covens were more humane whereas the ones who roamed in smaller groups or alone were more hostile. She told how the group of Vampires who drank animal blood had different eyes from all the other vampires; their eyes were golden. Humans turned Vampire from being bitten by Vampires, and changed over a 3 day period. SOUNDING FAMILIAR? I'm sorry but it disgusts me how much she took from another book but changed it to be teeny bopper so she could target a more excitable audience. i know she says it started from a dream, which it probaby did, but no one can pretend that this is coincedince that she didn't at least get ideas from this book series. It's just really sad that someone spent 3 months on a book and became famous for it when it wasn't even her original idea, whereas someone else spent years and years on books with similar ideas but more adult content, and was given very little appreciation in contrast, and only got more recent attention because her copier made the industry realized the audience wanted more Vampire stuff. Really, people? I ask the favor of anyone who reads this to read both series and just compare and be aware of all the under-the-table plagiarism that goes on today. Sookie Stackhouse Series, by Charlaine Harris. True Blood. twilight, by Stephanie Meyer. >>>P.S. I realize this isn't actual, federal-offense plagiarism, (that's why she's not being fined), I just wanted to know other people's opinions and to mention those facts to raise attention. I do not think Steph Meyer intentionally stole Most of what was 'coincedantly' linked through the series', --for a lot of ideas remain in our minds long after we forgot where we got them from-- but it doesn't change the fact that she did." Well, I disagree a little with the author here, because I don't feel that the theft was unintentional... I feel it was a conscious effort to make a tween version of True Blood (the tv series of the Sookie Stackhouse series) that didn't include all of the sex and adult themes that make True Blood and its books MA instead of PG or whatever twilight is.

Actually Twilight started off as fanfic of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas...

o/` You're a pedophile, Mr. Grinch... o/`

Oh my good god no the BDSM point is not right on. It's way off the mark. Way, way off.