By ifailsobadly - 13/08/2011 20:22 - United Kingdom

Today, I came home to find my house destroyed. I was so devastated, I cried. I had spent days hand-crafting the house to perfection, down to the finest detail. On Minecraft. FML
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Wow. You're completely right :3 And I'm reading these months later, and most of the comments are 'Get a GF', 'get laid' or 'go outside'. Well, I don't understand how having a girlfriend would make me less upset, I'm under the legal age of sex so sorry guys, and go outside? Do people think I'm an aggrophobe? Of course I go out, I ubilt this in someo fo my spare time! :D

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Find a girlfriend. A real one.



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You act like a child with a Lego set. Grow up, eat a Lego, get a job, shit bricks

Ooh you messed up in a video game, build the same thing over..

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considering you have us that extra "Minecraft" detail, you are very well aware that you have a serious problem. seek help before it's too late!


minecraft is awesome!! lmao:p

LiveLaughFML 10

**gave. muhh bad. :S

-31 Now flockz, there's a difference between "sex doll" and "girlfriend"

-36 Sorry, my IPhone screwed up

aFatFuck 0

Exactly, if a video game can bring you to tears it's time to stop.

aFatFuck 0

Exactly, if a video game can bring you to tears it's time to stop.

minecraft is becoming so famous, just like planking dam

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

What of OP pixelated girlfriend? Was she in a devastating accident?

rallets 22

what a twist ending, who wrote this, M Night Shyamalan?

addisoncorday 8

go **** your ugly mother piece of shit. STFU AND GTFO

kings1fan 6

Neg me for this, but what the hell is minecraft??

zendaddy0 0

Obviously none of you have ever played minecraft go have a staring contest with an enderman

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Eminems awesome

Go outside but first check for creepers those bastards can hide on your roof.

I like how half of the people on here are insulting OP for having no life. but some of you comment on every single fml and spend days at a time on this website/app.

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140- they can't. Endermen have yet to be added.

#160, admittedly I don't know much about Minecraft, but for a lot of video games, you have to spend hours and hours of real time to build skills and get achievements. On FML, you can read all of the posts, scroll through comments, and write your own in about ten minutes. Checking back to see if anyone replied to your comment, if that's something you expect might happen, takes about fifteen seconds. Not a great comparison.

somerandomdude19 2

Its a video game that I personally find quite boring.. U get magic stuff and u make a character that sumhow always looks very muscular and attractive unlike most ppl that play it -__-

I feel your pain OP

178- that's not minecraft...WoW maybe?

oh if only you guys knew how addicting minecraft is...

Mine craft have non of this skills dude u just find stuff then build with it u can do a lot in the same ten minutes instead of trollen the Internet

Same thing happened to me today, and the things I would do to those grievers are unspeakable.

There is no reason to suggest OP is sad in any way or form. Unless less you think the game is sad, in which case you're the problem. OP maybe have only spent a hour or so each day on his house, but for a month or so, making a brilliant house. Now, show me something you've worked 30 hours on, and let me destroy it, so i can call you sad for caring.

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-207 Thank you for saying that. I will be honest, i am extremely addicted to minecraft and all the people that are talking bad about it have in some form been waisting time, if I didnt like TV I wouldnt bash it. But all in all, be respectful its notch's wedding day

Dont build on a pvp server bro

andy_l 14

/command cry

178 — "magic stuff"? Sure you're not playing the same game you've been playing for six years? I recall that the fags call it Runescape...

SoccerRebel594 0

Minecraft is actually a game of strategy and requires some sort of thought process with the building. MMORPGs require certain math skills to get a grasp of the virtual market, ex. merchanting on's similar to stock market evaluation. It only gets bad if it consumes your whole life.

All the dang rioters in the UK and a Minecraft house. Like that is not even funny considering you live in the UK.

I can spend 10 mins per FML reading comments. they're endless. I don't particularly do it, but I'm just saying it doesn't take a minute ...

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I tried minecraft once =D I was bored within seconds. It's a stupid game.

Thanks for your input, it means a lot.

vergaso 0

WTF is this bullshit? damn casuals with your consoles and your stupid mine craft and league of legends and call of duty bullshit... minecraft is boring....why? not because it's too hard or because I'm not creative it's because it's easy shit... why don't you try playing a real, such as... daggerfall, arena, morrowind, ultima1-9, ultima underworld 1-2, master of magic, might and magic 1-7, heroes of might and magic 1-3, or atleast diablo 2 or fable1 the lost chapters damnc casuals

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Thatsssss a nicccccce houssssse you have there.

JurassicHole 5

267- I don't understand this whole "classification" between gamers. Calling yourself "hardcore" cause you're playing some big RPG, shooter, etc instead of an iPhone app or game like Minecraft just seems ridiculous. At the end of the day we're all just playing games, so have fun and stop with all this "hardcore" nonsense please.

What's with these games man? There's so many better things waiting for you outside. Do what everyone else does: Drink yourself into dangerous, meaningless stupors void of memory, sleep with dozens of women and countless "girlfriends" whom you can't remember, and spend hundreds of dollars on gas to go on road trips to continue the aforementioned activities! I'm telling ya man, you're missing out on life...

vergaso 0

No it's not nonsense... Casuals are the reason newer games suck more and more Btw... No I don't play shooters... anyways...the games I listed are real games for intelligent gamers Company's want to please the majority of the people which Is noes days casuals... Now its all about graphics, empty game worlds, level scaling, broken RPG elements implemented in action games, and uninterresting lore...... Look casuals Even ruined the elder scrolls series with oblivion and skyrim.... *this game is too hard* *they don't show you where to go on the map* ... That's all casuals are people who suck at gaming... Damn casuals

vergaso 0

I'm not miising out on those things I do what you exept take out road trips and add get high a shitload Some people eatch tv and play xbox... I never watch tv or play consoles.... It evens out if you think about it.....

JurassicHole 5

275- You completely over looked my point, the point is at the end of the day you're still playing a game. It doesn't matter how complex or simple it is, how hard or how easy, graphic marvel or pong. They're just games, products meant to entertain us after a long day or just to pass the time. Regarding them as something higher than entertainment just seems ludicrous to me. That's like walking into a movie theater and saying everyone who doesn't like your favorite movie is ridiculous for not taking something so trivial as serious as you do.

Taht_Guy_fml 0

I think you're talking about World of Warcraft...

vergaso 0

No you overlooked my point... The reason I hate casuals isn't because they like easy boring games....and not real games. No I hate them because they ruined games They no longer make good games because the majority of the people ( casuals) wouldn't buy them..... So they no longer make challenging games with lore and complexity

Thatsssss a very nice house you have there

Whoever says it's nbd has never played Minecraft it takes weeks to build a nice world

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Hey, this message is to, this is LAUREN, I saw your profile pic on this game called omgpop earlier

kings1fan 6

Didn't know there was this many nerds playing minecraft

LoveMay 10

Omg these are some of the longest comments I've ever seen on fml o.o the first comment has 50 replies ._. and how they're arguing over a video game hahah :p I'm nit saying I hate the game or love the game I don't even KNOW the game but after all its a game and they're no reason to be arguing about something like that


282 - Blame Activision, EA Games, and Valve, and other game companies for that. Don't blame the consumers. I am a semi-casual gamer myself. Now, before you start saying that I don't play challenging games, I play Starcraft 2. I like that game very much and it's quite challenging and competitive for me especially on ladder games (I'm in Gold League where people can actually "micro" effectively) and it also has a nice plot. In summary: Don't blame consumers. Blame the game companies. There are still challenging games out there (besides RPG's) You just have to look closer.

Hide your meat hide your diamonds

Ur sitting here making fun of ppl over the internet ur definitely cool

It's just the fact he worked so hard on it like of u spent days building a bird house and some destroyed it u wouldn't be sad?

this is so sad...

zendaddy0 0

169 well when 1.8 comes out you know the first thing I'll be doing

didnt know you were such a ******

282- People have different tastes in games, deal with it.

skata 4

275- what are you talking about "casual games"? doodle jump and angry birds are challenging as ****!

JurassicHole 5

282- Again, you say "real games" games aren't real. Get that out of your head, the issue isn't that there isn't any games with "challenge and lore", but that you (as well as many others) take video games way to seriously. Sit back and enjoy your games and let others enjoy theirs. Your so called "casual" gamers are actually the people who look at you "hardcore" people and just think "What the hell are they going on about? Games? Are you serious?" *facepalm*.

how can someone dislike this?

lolololol i hope im not the only one that gets the joke!! lol

vergaso 0

To the people saying doodle jump isn't casual because it's hard.... That's not how it works.... Those can be really challenging but it's still extremely simple game hardcore gamers don't play I put a list of hardcore games....those and similar ones are hardcore the rest are casual To the person saying blame the company's not the casuals..... No They make what people buy.... Which is casual games...,

chris71sk8r 8

359-That's a nice argument you made there. Want a cookie?

OMGPOP is with the monkey bomberman is it not

Fuck those griefers.... What sever were you on

275- Some people like games that are shoots and some people don't like them who cares. Obviously first person shooters arnt bad like black ops because there are over 500 thousand people playing on both psn and xbl.when you look on YouTube some of the videos on most views of the week are michinama and they are usally call duty game play.

So why don't u pump up the difficulty

Get over it OP. It's just a game and you can rebuild or recreate everything you had before. And vergaso, you need to get a life. If you put that much effort into arguing about video games, you should put some effort into getting out of the house and doing something active. Damn hardcore gamers. join this server ^.^

#175 Because minutes dont add up to hours right? Im sure most the people he is refering to spend alot more that 10 mins on here a day and playing video games is not any more of a waste of time than facebook, playing sports, reading FML or any other hobbie/time killing activity so it is a vailid comparison

Vergaso, relax, really. That other guy is trying to tell you, all "hardcore" and "casual" games are just games to entertain people. If you enjoy a game enough then you can get so into it becomes more "hardcore." I don't even understand the "hardcore" crap. It isn't that big of deal. Get some friends, and I don't mean in that dragon lore crap.

Blame yourself for not liking a game, not everyone else... If it's no fun then ignore it... I mean really, they're just games.

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all I can do is lagh about that

metallicarnage 0

wtf is minecraft?

Don't listen to them, that does suck. You said you designed your house on Minecraft to the last detail. Well, that sounds like a lot of time and effort into something, even if it's Minecraft. That's like destroying someone's painting or sculpture.

Sorry for not being a lifeless ****

#1, your picture could not make me happier.

The charged creepers are awesome though :P

As a Minecraft player myself, I can tell you he's not just crying over a game, but over probably dozens of real life hours that he happily enjoyed playing getting shoved back in his face like a fist with I hate your face written on it.

Find a girlfriend. A real one.

flockz 19

those are existent?!?!

I no haz girlfwiend

flockz 19

my girlfriend's name is Dolly. She has magnificent hair, a lovely smile, and she's so full of warm air. and the best is is that she always to be loved on... actually she has never said that she does, she really just doesnt say anything... but she listens to me and all my problems. she's the best!

LiveLaughFML 10

#22, I'll be your girlfriend ;* what can I say?? I like a cat in a cape ;)

-35 Ok can we have threeway? All this talk about girlfriends. All I ever get are "clients"

LiveLaughFML 10

#41 surree!:) and maybe if you weren't so cheap with your "clients"...

Things be gettin hot in here...

LiveLaughFML 10

IDGAF, as long as you're my peter Parker and I'm your Jane(:

flockz 19

really guys? You selfish sex driven bastards! How come im not in on this?!?!?

flockz 19

really guys? You selfish sex driven bastards! How come im not in on this?!?!?

-46 actuall I strive a hard bargon: $2 handjobs $5 ******** $10 normal $12 doggy $20 butt $23 armpit

-57 Because... I have a confession to make. I only like men with man boobs. I'm sorry.

$23 armpit? that's a bargin! (;

49, this is only gonna work if we have 200 babies first...

damn I paid 33 for armpit!!!! I should have waited. :(.

58 - what about ear or the belly button?!

imacreeper 3

Shitt Haven't Been On Here In The Longestt . Haha 70 only if yu Two Name it Gurt !

LiveLaughFML 10

yoo gurt! >;D niiice. we have a deal #70?

Damn straight we have a deal :)

-76 If you're Asian $13, they can fit Other people: $.05

In otherwords come to Vegas.

-58 I have man boobs...

don't be a bitch because you probably lost your boyfriend to minecraft.

Airborn0280 18

#58, how much for a ZJ?

Danny_v2 1

-118 You mad bro?

maz255 10

can i get in on this? c'mon i have a profile picture of patrick! everyone loovvveesss patrick!!!

whisperingeye13 0

130- if you have to ask you can't afford it

-46 Can I join please after you make me a sammich.

Yes not a square one

Yes not a square one

Idonebeenhad 17

did my app just glitch, or did all the comments to #2 get deleted while reading them.....

188- I like your pic, Jericho was an awesome show.

Hey! They deleted the girl I was gonna have a threesome with!

Dam the only girl i know logged off -_- time to play xbox lmfao.

juicedboi 7

There are no women on the Internet. So seeing as his addiction is game based, he will be forever alone. Besides minecraft is a sandbox game, he can create a girlfriend.

Idonebeenhad 17

my comment got deleted. seems like mods don't want everyone to know about the serious pimping that was going on before all the comments were deleted

SoccerRebel594 0

Idt an NPC/computer bot can function as a GF, not without some serious scripting. Anyway, I don't see why you're assuming he doesn't have a GF...this may not be his WHOLE life, just a part of it. Don't be a bitch til you know the full story and consider every angle.

There are no ******* girls in Minecraft. Only male avatars wearing the same clothes all the time!

haha well r u available? jkjk

LiveLaughFML 10

our epic conversation on 2's comment was deleted. oh no! haha, sorry for spamming your comment though, 2 :(

AcidRayn 0

And if you do find a Female in minecraft it's just a male looking sorta femalish damn custom skins

Right = Jailbait Left = Dry heaves

dyble95 0

You guys don't understand minecraft. For some it can become an art and I know that if an artist spend hours on something only for it to be destroyed they would probably be upset. Now that being said. I never really liked minecraft and some actually are addicted. just like some people are addicted to movies, books, ect. Crying might be a little extreme but I don't really know the situation. Op might his be a sensitive person and this may be how he would normally react to a sad situation. Also I find it weird that just because op is a gamer and got emotional about it that every one assumes he is addicted. With all that being said though. Op did word it in a way as if he wanted people to think he was addicted.

well the same happened to me in the sims exept it was a family not a house. (:

Word, stupid bitch

Coeliacchic93 21

Hey I'm a woman (a real one) and I love minecraft. I changed my avatar to look female (although it is a zombie female but hey, I like it) on the server I'm on there are 4 or 5 females :)

kurquizu 3

My boyfriend plays minecraft. Some of his friends filled his house with obsidian. Needless to say he was a wreck

It's TNT you noob!


Who cares about obsidian? That's what diamond pickaxes are for. When it's filled with bedrock THEN he has a right to be pissed.

No actually 33, obsidian takes forever to break and can't be blown up or moved by pistons. So it was obsidian, noob.

Sorry, I no haz minecraft

27BronxBombers 12

God damn griefers!!

Just get the mod Single Player Commands, that'll fix the problem

maz255 10

"i like Hello kitty island adbenture better than this stuff"

Hayman68 4

hey Butters

-33 no it's obsidian. Takes for ever to mine (15 seconds with a diamond pick) so if it was a big house sucks for him

MineDub5253 0

Not if he's in multiplayer DERP

I love 250's pic lol

briegcasezebra 0

Haha I would be too xD

javierrrrm 12

Seems legit

o sht your life must be ruined, id commit suicide if that was my 'house' get out of your mums basement lol

Sweej 1

OH THE HUMANITY!! .... Too soon?

Friggin griefers

Welcome to the world.

lizzyeah 0

Been there lol my house was once full of demon wolfs

Yeah.... Those don't exist in Minecraft. So I'll say this nicely.. Leave. Now.

174- god your a loser.

No 8 is loser trying to act like she knew what she was talking about... That's what u get for leaving the kitchen... Ps I keed I keed

SoccerRebel594 0

I think this chick failed at trolling...

dyble95 0

Or she has mods.. But that would be an easy fix then.

Well they turn mad if you punch them so there is a possibility

Awesome_Guy2468 0

But why would you punch your friendly pet wolf?

I be leave she was talking about wolves that attack you and there eyes turn red making them look like demons you dumb ****

Demon wolves don't exist in minecraft you idiot

thecookielovrxx 8

-459 when you punch them they have red eyes and growl and look like a demon, dumb ****

sounds like it's time for an intervention

Go outside. Seriously.

Steven696 6


The_Moustache 6


LiveLaughFML 10

#73 omgawe the girl in your pro pic is adorable(: I just wanna pinch her .. mustache?

How bout u go outside. All the time. Because he stays inside all the time according to you.

How bout you both go inside?!!

There are CREEPERS out there D:

AcidRayn 0

I play Minecraft outside on my laptop fool