Another Tinder Swindler

By stormblade27 - 28/01/2019 02:00

Today, my friend told me to try dating apps, saying, “What's the worst that could happen?” I just finished paying some girl $100 to not send a dick pic to all my Facebook friends. FML
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So you meet a girl on a dating app, and the first thing you do is send her a dick pic? I just have to ask, are you that out of touch with social situations?


I'd go with just don't send dick pics to anyone...

Yup because 9 out of 10 times, if someone is asking for one, it’s not to screw you in the way that you want.

That’s not the worst. She could take the money, distribute the pic and say she’s a 12-year-old girl. I avoid this situation with such an elegantly simple solution: my dick pic is my FB profile pic! I’m untouchable!

So you meet a girl on a dating app, and the first thing you do is send her a dick pic? I just have to ask, are you that out of touch with social situations?

OP and the girl would of started talking, sjed ask him to add her on Facebook and then she'd go "if I send a nude, do you want to send me a dick pick" and then she'd go "if you don't give me X amount of money, I'll send the dick pic to everyone on your Facebook account."

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That's what I was thinking. We are not sure how long they have been talking or if she asked for it. Either way, won't it be revenge ****?

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This sounds like an excellent business model. So much better than driving for Uber.

Be careful, as long as she holds that picture, you are under her thumb. She could extort money out of you every week.

Not necessarily. There are protections in place for people who do revenge ****. The person with the picture could be charged.

Don't send unsolicited dick picks... it really isn't rocket science.

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The worst that can happen is you go off course and do something stupid like send a random girl a (likely unsolicited) dick pic because you don't know how to be a decent, respectful human being.

WeirdUS 29 sympathy. YDI learn to be a respectful person. At what point did you think this was going to be a good idea?

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Why did you think sending a dick pic was a smart idea?

Why is everyone assuming his dick pic was unsolicited? And who says he sent it immediately? I’ve heard some girls actually ask for them.

Noone said they think he just sent it without being asked. She probably asked for it for the purpose of extorting money from him. That doesn't make it any less stupid. You just shouldn't send things like that to people you just recently met on the internet. Some might argue you should never, but certainly not to some random person from an app.

Several people used the word “unsolicited.”

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The story does not say he'd sent it at all. Who says it's his dick pic?

Why would you pay $100 to prevent the revealing of a rando dick?

Maybe it’s an embarrassingly small dick, and he doesn’t want his friends to think it’s his?

Well, if you never include your face and genitalia on the same picture, nothing can really happen.