By blinkme - United States
Today, I was at a concert and the guy who was selling the drinks tripped and fell down the stairs, landing on the floor next to me and the drinks went all over. I went to make sure he was okay and helped pick up the drinks. After assuring me he was okay, he gave me a free soda. It exploded. FML
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  imtheman920  |  0

I agree, he was nice to give you a free soda. However he just fell down the stairs. I think it would be pretty obvious that it would explode. Even so, you should have opened it slowly until you were sure it would not explode.

  kukopia  |  0

This FML is another case-in-point that FML NEEDS to add a THIRD button. Life isn't simply black and white.
I'd also like a way to banish the kids that only do lame posts.

OP opened a soda that just went tumbling down the steps... douche move, douche results.