By Bro - / Monday 25 March 2019 12:00 /
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By  OGSteveJobs  |  20

Well other than living out most obese basement babies perverted porno fantasy that sucks "bro" because you two should divorce. Divorce isn't as bad as people say it is though. Let me tell you. When I divorced that useless bag of water called my ex wife it was an exciting time! I got a nice condo new friends. After work the freedom was incredible! It had been 7 years since i could really be ME. Pro tip! Consult with all the top attorney's so she can't find 1 better than yours. My ex money grubber was represented by some schmuck with a combover. About 2 weeks before we finalized she started to realize i was winning that she would get little from me but a $400 alimony check. So she comes over to my apt around 1 a.m. .. "hat in hand" ready to make up. I had 2 young beautiful asian women half naked in my living room. Boy did she leave in a rage! lol saw her crying in the car from my balcony. 😭😂 She's lucky i didn't take her car & bachelor's degree back too. I have been 10 times happier since. So, the marriage ride... its fun while it lasts but all silly thrills must end.