By Anonymous - 20/07/2013 15:45 - United States - Newark

Today, my friends took my work laptop and changed the sounds. Now, whenever I remove a USB device, a woman's voice screams "Put it back!" and when I insert a USB device, it says "Oh, you need to push it in harder!" I don't know how to change it back. FML
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That's fucking awesome, don't change it.

Try turning off the volume


Try turning off the volume

Or use headphones if you are allowed to

Or turning it up loud so everyone can hear your amazing computer.

alexwow1 13

Your friends are hilarious pranksters

To be real honest, that advice is horrible. Because that would make him have to turn down the volume every time he inserts or removes a USB. We don't know what his line of work is and he might very well need the sound on at all times, or at least most. If I were you I'd check a solution using google.

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72, at my last job we had an intern, who was one of the owner's sons. He was put in IT but never did anything, including locking his computer to go talk on his cell. We took his laptop, while unlocked, and put an "I

Well, don't keep us in suspense.

72, at my last job we had an intern, who was one of the owner's sons. He was put in IT but never did anything, including locking his computer to go talk on his cell. We took his laptop, while unlocked, put an "I

85 - Their advice is pretty sound (no pun intended). Muting the computer is an excellent thing to do while they're waiting to figure out a real solution. Muting most laptops only takes one button click; you make it sound although it's some great hassle.

That's fucking awesome, don't change it.

Also, it would be even better if you can get it to say "you turn me on big boy" when you power it up :D

TheDrifter 23

Or if it moaned every time he double clicked.

Its awesome, but if he has to use it at work he could get in trouble.

#27 Don't ruin the fun. No one likes a party pooper.

Or pressed 'ENTER' haha, or for a less boosting remark, "is it in yet?"

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*Robosexuality is a sin!*

Are you jacking on in there!!!!

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Household hacker anyone?

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Hey, google works wonders!!! I learned to change the startup sounds and words on my windows vista laptop because of google!!! I forgot how now, but another quick google search will suffice. ;)

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Haha if it wasn't your work laptop, it would be a lot funnier! Just ask your friends to change it back(:

Actually it is a lot funnier because it IS his work laptop. :p

I am sure he tried asking them but I doubt they would change it back. Which makes it funnier

Sounds like an interesting friend

incoherentrmblr 21

It sucks its your work laptop. However, otherwise, that is awesome!

I can't imagine having to announce to all your peers that you didn't do it!^.^ They'd totally believe it ...right.

It wasn't me, I promise. Look! I even posted on FML about it!

Ask your friend politely to remove it from your work laptop, and if he's any friend of yours he will.

Then I would ask him to put it on my home computer.

If it's Windows, go on control panel/system control, "hardware and sounds", "change system sounds". It's quite easy, you'll find it :) Edit: But I like it, why change it? Just reduce the volume, if it's too annoying :D

He probably needs to remove it because it is his work laptop. That's not very professional, and he may suffer some consequences at his job because of the immaturity.

Depends on the job...but yes, to be professional he should change it back :) And change it on his private laptop to these sounds :)

That is extremely funny, but I don't think they should have done it on your work laptop. It could potentially get your fired or maybe lose a customer!

If the customers have any sense of humour, I don't think they will be loosing any anytime soon.

The problem is many customers DON'T have a sense of humor.

Or management, or prudish coworkers, or a guest in the building. It only takes a single complaint for you to wind up in front of HR getting a sexual harassment lecture.

I'm sure your co-workers would find that hilarious!