By Veryfunny - 23/02/2012 23:52 - Australia

Today, I came back from a holiday and the friend who'd been looking after my cats returned my spare key. When I wanted to put some relaxing music on, I noticed that he'd switched most of my CDs around in their cases. I have over a thousand of them. Very funny, thanks. FML
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GhettoXmuffin 7

Your going to have a busy afternoon...


Your going to have a busy afternoon...

pronounciations 5

Much more convenient to have on the computer.

The way this fml started terrified me. I thought something would happen to the cats!

I thought the friend didn't take care of them, and then he came home to a house full of cat pee.

trgower13 0

At least he took care of your cat.

I wonder how long it took the roommate to flip them over...

Who has a "bunch of CDs"? I'm foor and still have an iPhone and a computer with all my music. You must be really poor or your just stuck in the 90s

Or he likes having his music collection backed up by CDs. Just in case, you know, the computer or iPhone dies.

GhettoXmuffin 7
So2011 4

The Internet. Where would we all be without it?

iTunes isn't troll-proof either, anyone can switch song names.. A funny thing to do too..

The OP probably /also/ has iTunes. He seems to enjoy music A LOT. And over 1,000 CD would be what? Over 10,000 songs to purchase. Why buy what you already own?

MissHayleyJames 7

We still buy most of our music on CDs so if the computer crashes we still have the music. And we like having the little books that come with the CDs. It's all on our iPods too, but we still like having the originals. That and most CDs are cheaper now than buying on iTunes.

I prefer CD's for their sound quality.

You can rip your cd's in iTunes. And if you have to sort them any way you might as well.

There's just something about having the actual cd for me

There's nothing fun about this, how could you say such an ignorant heartless thing you **** nugget!!! This is FML and people here expect no less than serious, sincere and intelligent comments!!! Titty sprinkles.

Rabble rabble bitch bitch* go comment on his post *rabble rabble bitch moan* instead of on the main post k thanx bye.

ninjuh_wingman 29

Holy shit thats a lot of CDs. Buy on iTunes on something.

He can import the songs from the cd, no need to buy again.

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People used cd in the early 21 century now the last couple of years we changed out of them

cradle6 13

Hard wire it or use AUX. Can get great sound with an iPod.

If you're serious about your sound quality, you're still not using CDs. You're sticking with vinyl, not digital. For storage and organizational purposes, you want to go with mp3s, for incredibly obvious reasons.

perdix 29

Old folk use wax cylinders. CDs are used by people with comb-overs, Hawaiian shirts and mid-life crises.

iPods can get you great sound if you have the proper sound system, but CD's still beat out an iPod when your in a car. Can't bring your Bose sound system, can you?

WaylonD 4

I still have 8-track tapes n cassettes!

perdix 29

I still have sheet music and a lute.

Well first of all, the CDs might be old, the OP could quite possibly be in their 30s or 40s and still have a collection of CDs. That and CDs do have better audio quality than an mp3 or other audio formats (aside from possibly WAVE and FLAC formats, which are both lossless, and use a lot of space as a result, which is why music is encoded into mp3s for, well mp3s and ipods, so they can fit more in the space they have. Personally I prefer buying CDs as opposed to itunes or amazon mp3 since I rip my CDs into WAVE and encode them with LAME and get a little more customization than buying digital

MissHayleyJames 7

My husband and I are in our 20s and we still buy CDs. Then you have the original if your computer crashes, and most CDs are now cheaper than on iTunes.

Its alright Hayley, I'm 19 and probably buy a CD or two every week. I prefer to avoid iTunes whenever possible

I'm 18 and I buy probably ten or so CDs a month. I get them cheaper than digital files usually.

FinJage 18

I'm 17 and have been buying CDs for 2 years now. I always prefer the physical copy because of the sound quality and the booklet + you can always import the CD on iTunes.

sakana_fml 7

You aren't on holiday anymore, enjoy your wake up call!

badass243 6

Valentines day is an important holiday for me! The valentines fairy comes once a year to put presents under your trees, but only if you say "trick-or-treat" and find the eggs in your backyard!!!

People in Europe call it holiday rather than vacation

Don't reorganize them. Whenever you feel like listening to music, just pick a random case and pop whatever's in it in the cd player. Make the best of it.