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Today, I came home from living in Spain for 2 years. My mom made dinner for me, and she had forgotten about my allergy to citrus, because she made lemon chicken. After using my EpiPen, and calling 911 for myself, I heard my mom say to my dad, "She always did have to be the center of attention." FML
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oh how sad, guess you should have stayed over there :(

LEMONHEAD ahahahahahaahahahahahahahaahahahaah*choke*ahahahahaaahhaaaaaaaaaa I find your username far funnier than the FML LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

I replied to this just so i can get on top. Get mad. yell.

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wow, allergies suck. Sorry bout what happened but I feel lucky I'm not allergic to anything, its just a problem knowing every allergy of my classmates so I don't end up harming anyone.

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my mom makes the BEST lemon chicken!!

FYL for having such a mother! That's ridiculous.

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ingredients* and coconuts? seriously? You are missing out on some great stuff.

You are so stupid, nobody eats the coconut shell which is hard, hairy and inedible. I hope you're not talking about the shell. you eat the jelly and drink the coconut water INSIDE which is wonderfully refreshing.

Don't they use a part of the coconut in no-bake cookies?

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Uh I'm pretty sure that person is talking about, like for example, a coconut cake that's covered in coconut shredding or whatever and IS like eating hair. Coconut is gross in general, though. OP: how did you not know it was lemon? I can't stand lemon pepper and I knew right away when my grandma used it on dinner when I was a kid. :/

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I'm allergic to citrus and coconut as well. My mom sometimes forgets about my citrus allergy, but she would never be that careless. Also, my allergy isn't bad enough to where I need an epipen. I just throw up and cough a lot. Anyhoodles, that's just horrible. I'm sorry. Some people shouldn't have children.

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Just let him have his moment! oh and to the FML, it sounds kinda fake... but horrible nonetheless.

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wow, does somebody need a hug?

What is with so many careless parents that think this kind of stuff is just drama or attention seeking? What a stupid bitch.

I think a lotta kids on here overdramatise stories that happen with their folks to get on this site in the first place....or maybe some parents ARE that heartless, who knows? God?

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I don't think this is a kid, they have been away for two years. "Kids" do not go away for two years. Adults go away, you may spend a semester of college away in Europe but you don't just let your child not matter what age go to another country for two years unless they live with family, I think this was a young adult. Also this does happen to people in real life, ask any nurse or ER staff member, people have accidents with their allergies and sometimes it can be very dangerous.

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FYL indeed! i never realised that there were so many heartless parents out there until i found this site