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  truth_teller23  |  11

I've lived by the beach for 9 years of my life and I can tell you that most people pee in the ocean. No one is going to trek up the beach and use their disgusting bathrooms. There is already a ton of marine animal waste anyway.


There are much worse things floating around in the ocean than a little boy's pee. Just think of all of the sperm, feces, and urine, etc., in there from the creatures that inhabit it. They basically swim around in their own mess anyway, what difference does this little boy's pee make? I don't see how OP deserved it, many people have peed in rivers, oceans, and lakes at least once in their lives. Sure, it's gross, but there's much more disgusting things floating around in there anyway. Just watch some documentaries detailing the lives of sea creatures. Rather than insult OP, let's just enjoy the humor in this FML.


You mean like the millions of other people who do it? And of course let's not forget the billions of sea creatures that do it as well. OP deserved this but your logic is laughable.

  vencku  |  13

#4 - Actually... No.
I suppose it's less of a problem when you're a guy but I really don't feel like having piss run down my legs, even in the shower. And I'm not going to start crouching either. That would just be weird. I'm pretty sure I can hold it in for those ten minutes I need to wash.


Until this thread I didn't know people seemed to think peeing in the ocean is gross. There are hundreds of billions of gallons of water in the sea. The pee will be diluted ASAP.