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Today, while making dinner I cut my finger badly with a knife. When I yelled for my dad to drive me to the hospital, he accused me of lying to get attention. He had to taste my blood before he decided it wasn't red-colored corn syrup. FML
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That's creepy. Either your dad is a vampire or you lie for attention a lot.


That is far beyond nasty, I just can't find the right word... I want to say incest!

Do you know what incest is 11? Cause, yahh that's pretty disgusting, but it's no where near the definition of incest.

In many cultures drinking blood is a healthy lifestyle. I once saw a biography on Wesley Snipes, and he had to drink blood to survive.

Drinking blood is not practical to survive. It is considered a food, and requires more for the body to digest it than what it provides. +may contract diseases.

1- I imagined you're comment with the voice of Cleveland.

Clearly I was kidding and talking about the Blade movies... Which I know are not actual biographies. Didn't think I'd have to explain that one.

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@53 - Sorry, but there are a lot of legitimately stupid people on the internet. Are they as stupid as someone who might make your comment? Well, we can't really be sure...

Getting AIDS isn't "healthy", Isaac Newton...

I don't think blade drinks blood in those movies

That's creepy. Either your dad is a vampire or you lie for attention a lot.

Is there reason for him to think you were lying? Like the little boy who cried wolf. If not, what a great dad!

Heard they're reforming the Dawnguard. Vampire hunters or something, in the old fort near Riften. Might consider joining up myself.

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10 , becareful or you end up a vampire too .. people will randomly att you

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Either your dad is insane and had no reason to suspect that you were actually lying, or your past might have led him to believe you would do such a thing. Hm. In any case, hold the bloody knife in your hand and say very seriously, "This is what happens to my enemies." Stare very deeply into his eyes. Very deeply.

If I ever meet you I'm running the other way

Have you taken extended measures before this happened to make it look like you've injured yourself?

Does your dad think the 5 second rule doesn't apply for dropping floss in the toilet too?

It's amazing how much parents will claim their children are craving attention whenever they are hurt... Now that I think of it, I think we were long overdue for another 'attention-seeking-injury-assumption' FML.

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"Stop acting like getting hit by that car and then slamming into the pavement hurt, you faker! It was barely even moving!"

I wouldn't be surprised to see an FML like that after all I've seen since finding this site...

It amazes me how many times I've witnessed someone's toddler/young child get hurt (ex: run and skin their knees) and instead of the parent comforting their child, they yell at them for not being "more careful". Like the parent can't be bothered. I understand them wanting to toughen up their kids but in that moment, I find it heartless and cruel. ***sorry about my mini ramp. Saw bad parenting skills yesterday and then realized it's more common than I'd hoped.

I personally don't think it is wise to coddle (not 100% sure on that spelling) a child whenever they get hurt. It seems to create children/people who cry and want comfort over the smallest things. For example, my mom never made a big deal over injuries. Instead, she let me learn from them. Recently at work, I bashed my head on a pole and had a very large, very deep crescent shaped cut with blood running down my face. Did I scream and cry, acting like I was dying? No, I went to my manager and asked if I had a big cut on my head. He freaked out and said I would probably need stitches (I wore a bandage for two days, no stitches). Even after seeing the cut I didn't make a big deal over it and I think it was in large part to no one making a fuss over my scraped knees as a child. Sorry that was so long :/

Stardew, you're my hero for not freaking out in the face of a life-threatening injury. Bravo. There's a difference between coddling a child and tending to a serious injury. It's people like you who don't listen to their children's complaints and cause more harm than good.

I might not have made my comment as clear as I had hoped. I wasn't talking about babying such as, "Awe, poor baby, let me kiss your boo-boo" scraped knee. I was speaking about a parent that did indeed have to tend to the wound because blood was gushing everywhere and instead of staying calm and reassuring their kid that they'll be fine, they screamed at the panicked child causing more anxiety. A young child should feel comfortable going up to their parent without feeling as if they're a burden for getting hurt.

Sorry, I missed "badly" when I read through it the first time.

Stardew did you at least play the sympathy card afterwards( yea it's pretty bad, nah it's no big deal I've had worse, etc?)

Haha well jokes on him he licked your blood!! Eww