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Today, I had a mild allergic reaction from eating pasta salad. I told my mom that I might be allergic to the parsley, since it was the only ingredient that I don't eat often. She made me eat a sprig of it to "make sure." Now my face is covered in hives. FML
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She should have just takin you to a doctor instead of just testing.


She should have just takin you to a doctor instead of just testing.

My mom made me do this a had to go to the ER

Rent a clue. Its called a patch test....

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Break out the benadryl! Haha

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Apparently baconstrips, there is something wrong with me, because now my comment's gone. P.S you come from fat trimmed off the belly of a pig carcass, that is all

One of my friends is allergic to elastic, milk, corn syrup (not anymore), and I think gluten.

better than paying for the doctor visit

WTF what if you had gone into anaphylactic shock? And possibly died? What a shitty parent.

Sometimes, its a dumb idea to listen to your parents.

36, I'm not being a dick or anything, but who cares? Heaps if people are allergic to stuff, and if each person commented about themselves or friends or family that were, the comments would be ******* long.

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I remember one time, that since my parents thought that I didn't have acne anymore, I don't need to use my medications anymore, 3 days later I broke out -.- and it was messy

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a doc will just do exactly what ops mom did and have them eat some. albeit in smaller portions then mom did, but same principle.

What do mean by its the only ingredient u don't eat often? So u eat everything else there is in the world?

#121 pretty sure the OP meant that they eat the other ingredients of the pasta salad more often.

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You made that sound so happy :)

gotta see the bright thing in everything! :D but really can't see the bright side!

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You are almost outta toliet paper there Nate. Might wanna grab another roll.

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wow I'm like confused this is just sad!

I'd be happy maybe they looked cool like a bullet wound or something.

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You'd be happy to have hives break out all over your face because you think it would look like a bullet wound? I suppose you would also be happy to get a nosebleed because it looks like confetti coming out of your nostril.

There was an earlier post with bullet wounds involved.

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Yes, the one about the boyfriend saying that the girlfriend's acne looks like a bullet wound?

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Yeah that's why I do cocaine; so when people see my raw, bleeding nose I'll say I fought a bear.

Your mom could've just crushed the parsley against ur skin and if a rash broke out you would have easily found out. Oh well :(

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23- It's called a patch test and is much safer than actually consuming a substance that you suspect you are allergic to. Good day :)

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True, it doesn't work for everything. But rubbing it on your face is more risky because it can cause swelling, closing off your airway, which can potentially lead to respiratory arrest. So you should rub it on a small spot on your arm instead. And lactose intolerance isn't an allergy, it's the inability to absorb lactose into the digestive system, causing GI upset. So bathing in it won't cause a reaction.

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Cut her and say "oh I was cutting you to make sure that the knife was dangerous"

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He watches too much Friday Night Smackdown.

Because going for a milk bath is going to be a good indicator to see whether I am lactose intolerant.

Obvisouly this doesn't work for everything. Seeing as how his face broke out in hives if he rubbed some parsley on his arm the same wouldn't have happened. Just like poison ivy. You don't have to eat it

Well she had to make sure or she'd be all embarrassed in front of the doctor

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when I was a panda bear I was allergic to bamboo so I ate panthers

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Find out what moms allergic to and do the same ~

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Because that's the mature thing to do? I wouldn't bother, karma's a bitch and will take care of it for OP.