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  chris71sk8r  |  8

26- I never make jokes like this. I hate internet memes! But I had to. I had to dammit! Also, since your already on your hands and kneeeeeees… can you scrub the floor?

  simonsaysYDI  |  8

I'm sure OPs mom got him/her water. She's just giving him a hard time, not being mean.
I laughed at my mom after she broke her collarbone and she was forced to be a couch potato for a week, but I also got her water, changed her ice constantly and made her all of her meals.

  ebonyirony  |  29

I love my mom. She's hilarious. But she can be nasty too sometimes. I respect her though
That was a bitch move if you're in that much pain or cannot move.

  Bonzer  |  2

47- You are the one who is a "underage weakling that can't take a joke." He was obviously joking, and if you can't take a joke, you might as well leave FML.


#52 I gotta feel sorry for you dumbasses who think's that it is funny EVERYTIME fml is about parents. And not only this shit is old, it's not even remotely funny. Only people that find this appealing are "underage weaklings" that haven't gone through their rebel phase yet, and that's you my friend, u have no taste and u don't know good jokes, I guess that's what happens if u spend ur whole childhood watching tom and jerrry and simply know no better.

By  lenluigi  |  6

did she at least get you the water you requested? it would be really mean of her if she walked up to you with the water and drank it right in front of you.......just saying

  iRoc46n2  |  4

From what I gather, the FML is based on her forgetting about him having surgey. People can tend to let things slip from their mind.

Or is it based on her laughing at him hysterically?

Maybe my mind is farting.