By Anonameow - 26/02/2016 00:31 - United States - Nanticoke

Today, I'm recovering from surgery. Every time I laugh, it hurts so badly I start to cry, which hurts even worse and makes it difficult to breathe. The painkillers I'm on make everything seem funny. I laughed so hard at a dumb pun that I nearly passed out. FML
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I'd make a funny joke, but it'd probably be too painful to read.

Just try to sleep..get well soon.


Nope, it just hurts.

Those puns were painful to read

Nah these puns just take my breath away.

These are not actually puns.

All is fair in pun and war

Making a dumb pun is usually my go-to comment for an FML but now I don't really want to for your sake OP :/

Just try to sleep..get well soon.

I'd make a funny joke, but it'd probably be too painful to read.

Sounds legit. Also, are you sure the pun wasn't said by a hallucination? I once woke up from post op talking to my dad, who was out having a smoke.

Praying for you

Pfft, that's nothing. I'm sacrificing goats, sheep, and lambs for the OP!

Oh god OP, please don't read the comments until your better.

I feel your pain. After a surgery, everyone kept cracking jokes and I nearly passed out from the pain.

You must have gotten your tonsils removed because this sounds exactly like my experience.

Or stomach surgery, your abdominal muscles flex a lot when you laugh and that could rip the stitches out of an incision

In my case, it was my appendix.

I want some of those pain killers!