By FootyFoot - 06/03/2012 11:50 - Australia

Today, I texted my mom if she could pick me up from the hospital. She replied "No fatty, walk home." I have a broken foot. FML
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Caring. She's doing it wrong.

Yes, I realized that afterwards. When on the app I often don't bother looking in the corner for the little blue sign.

ahawk 2

It's probably broken because he's fat

197. OP says foot is broken! Even if she was one, how do U expect OP to walk home?

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#2 - You didn't really read this FML carefully did you?

wlddog 14

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Hey widdog,.it's called a RIDE or HELP. It's also called an AMBULANCE. Grow a heart and a brain, will you?

wlddog 14

Where did his ride or help go?? And who calls an ambulance for a broke foot? You just get a ride and get said ride back. If he has no friends, it's probably because he is a jackass. And your comment was very hurtful. Sniff sniff. It hurt on the inside. Need an ambulance.

You don't have to read carefully to see " I*** have a broken foot"

OP probably called his mum because HE NEEDS A RIDE HOME, and who lives at home? Parents! His MOM was probably the first person he called because he thinks (like everyone else) that PARENTS CARE for their KIDS! OP's mom clearly doesn't care for him. That is the main point For the FML. Seriously, grow a ******* brain. Ass-clown

I've known plenty of people who called an ambulance for a broken bone. Imagine how excruciating it would be to walk on your broken foot to the hospital. Not to mention that could worsen the break. OP's mom is an insensitive bitch and a terrible mother.

wlddog 14

I sense hidden hostility. Tell me about your relationship with your mother. Did your mother ever make you ride the bus home? Is that where everything went wrong for you? Did the bad man on the bus touch you? Is that why you think everyone has to be carried around by mommy?

Widdog, first of all, if you push an 8 pound ball of flesh and guts out of your bag and it lives, then you have to care for it because it's YOUR own flesh and blood. Second, sending a kid to walk home on BROKEN LEG is not a professional thing for a doctor to do, even if the mum wants it.

Yall posting in troll sector. Stop feeding them

Widdog is clearly the best troll in the world, or his mother gave him a level 100 magikarp for his birthday and never loved him.

wlddog... what the hell is wrong with you?

wlddog 14

Besides not believing the OP is telling the truth?? An overbareing desire to make fun of them. What makes you people think the OP is a helpless child?

KuchkaNumberOne 2

Maybe OP is a little asshole child or adult and his parents cut him off for being such a dick.

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Everyone chant with me Troll Got Owned Troll Got Owned Troll Got Owned

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Uh, maybe you've never walked on crutches before, but they hurt. Especially when you aren't used to them. Don't be a dimwit.

Horrible troll. I bet your first person to cry for band aid when you get a paper cut. But then play it off by acting tough. Stupid Internet tough guy.

Valdrek, that's at least two asinine comments from you in the past day. I've contact the appropriate authorities, and they will be coming to your house soon to block you from further abusing the minds of other FML users. Good day.

Takuya272727 16

When I first used crutches because I broke my ankle, I could barely manage to stand up and not feel ill. I could only go maybe a few feet before I was out of breath and tired. Without crutches, and my ankle in better condition, I've spent 4 hours walking home at times. Walking and using crutches are no comparison. Even without having a broken ankle, or foot, you try using crutches and do a marathon. I'd like to know how it goes for you.

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I've only thumbed you down once. Talk to the other 28 people (so far) that found your comment to be stupid, repulsive, offensive, etc. The guy has a BROKEN FOOT, not a sprained ankle. Maybe read the whole story before posting next time, yes?

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The **** kinda cops are they hiring in Australia...?

And what kind of cop do you take me to be in your most expert opinion through you wide understanding of life?

As far as I'm concerned, most cops are dickheads in a uniform that think they're hardasses. They think they're tough shit, when in reality they're overgrown bullies whose mental growth stopped in middle school. Don't get me wrong, there are some who actually want to help others and rid the streets of crime, but they are few and far between. I was wondering which category you fell under, but your comment (which you obviously didn't put much thought into) answered it for me.

RedPillSucks 31

Doesn't really matter how fat someone is. Although we have no idea how far away the hospital is, unless they live right next door, unlikely, it's pretty cruel to ask someone to aggravate an injury by walking on it, crutches or not.

Llama_Face89 33

49- sounds more like his mom was trying to be funny. Don't be such a dick.

81- and from what life experience as a 16 year old have you drawn this conclusion? Did you hear a bad story from mom and dad or your teacher? See I'm nice when people are nice to me, not when they're kids acting grown up. And you have no idea how many people I have helped and how much shit I get back. You feel belittled, don't worry I get it. I would LOVE to see you do the job of a cop for even 1 hour...then you will have a different tone once you realize that 80% of your time is spent helping and bleeding for ungrateful dicks and kids like yourself. If you think you know me and what kind of a man I am through a site on the need to grow up son

Alright I'm going to stop here, you have all had an epic sook and I still couldn't care less. Therefore I am leaving this thread before I get the nickname of Adolf or something particularly arsehole related. I stick by my comments but they are off-handers that just plain aren't worth defending anymore to a bunch of crybabies. Good day sir/ma am

#92 Actually, no. Believe it our not, I actually watch the news and see what's foot on not only around me, but around the world. You're probably one of those pricks that likes to pretend you weren't my age at some point in your life, and I honestly don't care. What I do care about, however, is the maturity level and mental capacity of one who is my elder. Instead of admitting that you made an idiotic comment, you commune to good this site with your ignorance. Honestly, just stop before you make it worse. And if possible, please, for the salute of mankind, refrain from having children. Good day.

Wow, read through your comment before posting. Do you know that salute means a gesture done with your left hand and arm usually done in respect of rank etc... And for me to have not been your age is simply ridiculous. My point is that I think he should have hardened up and gotten home, hardly makes my offspring the end of the world now does it? Don't believe everything you see on the news kid. You should try not calling the police next time your in trouble and see how much you will wish those "dickheads in uniform" are there to help or save your sorry ass.

Valdrek, it has nothing to do with thumbs up or down. Anyone who has been on this site for more than a day knows that I don't give a **** about thumbs up. I've had my share of buried comments too. But when I make a bad one, I own up to it and move on. It's more a question of basic human decency - asking a kid to walk home on a broken foot speaks volumes about your character, regardless of your occupation.

Valdrek, just stop already. You dug yourself a hole deep enough for it to be your own grave and markEd ”here lies an asshole”. Shut up, idiot.

Oh my, ok I get it...I'm a dick, hell, get OP's number and I'll pick him up myself :p. My parents have done worse to me, just need to think of it as character building. My deepest of deep apologies OP, if your mum really loved you she would have infused you with the admantium stuff in wolverine and you wouldn't have been in this predicament in the first place.

MissHayleyJames 7

Valdrek, I keep a shotgun next to my bed and a Beretta in my purse because there are a lot of twisted cops (especially in my city) and too many criminals. I can protect myself better than if I call 911, wait 15-20 minutes for them to show up, and let them do it for me. It's fabulous that you can magically walk however many miles on a broken foot and not feel pain, but you know, people have different tolerances to pain. I sprained my ankle so bad I tore ligaments and couldn't bear any weight on it for a long time. It wasn't just the pain factor. If I tried to put weight on it I would just collapse because it was so weak too. So how about you get the hell over your ego and go back to writing people tickets and being a dick to reach a quota.

Valdrek, take your own ******* advice. Be the adult and end this shit you started. Moron...

I revoke my comment. Now that he has explained why he said that, I understand what he meant. All apologies good sir. Give this guy a break he's a ******* cop. Who the hell are you gunna call if cops didn't exist when theres a guy yielding a shotgun at your door? They aren't here just to save your sorry asses. Yes they are a pain sometimes but they are also sworn to enforce the law and protect the citizens. Don't be calling him a asshole, he's doing his job. Back to the comment again; if I had no ride how bad could it be to crutch a couple miles? I mean if the pain is that bad call a taxi or something but I would see how far I can get first. I can really give two ***** about whoever thumbs this but give some damn respect to the people that serve and protect our country. They aren't all soldiers and they aren't all cops, they still deserve respect.

MissHayleyJames 7

Respect is earned, not given. It doesn't matter what someone does. If they're an asshole (this is not directed at Valdrek and sorry if I botched that), they don't deserve respect. If a soldier rapes a woman while on duty he doesn't deserve respect. And again, I'll be able to protect myself better with a gun than waiting forever for a cop to show up to do the same thing. Second amendment and all.

Yeah but I only said that for those who do earn respect.

Does anybody else feel that? That burning hatred growing deep in the depths of your soul like some parasitic leech sucking the life right out of you. Classic Valdrek Syndrome.

140- It was his comment that ticked people off, not the fact that he's a cop.

If O.P is from South Australia, why on earth did he write "mom" instead of "mum". HE LIES.

Thumb this comment down, or I will find you and eat you goldfish.

That doesn't even make sense. Dementia is the deterioration of the memory etc during old age in some people. Sorry to burst your bubble, dear, but there was nothing in my comment that indicated that I'm suffering from any such thing. Fail.

41 You forgot that your not supposed to eat goldfish. That's sounds like deterioration of the mind to me. Fish are friends not food. -Finding Nemo

Well, I could have said cat, but it would have been a bit stringy, don't you think? And you felt the need to take my comment seriously enough that you actually thought I'd eat a goldfish? Gosh, silly people these days.

Dementia can be caused by brain disease or injury, and not just in old people. And it is quite likely that someone with dementia would neglect to write down that they had dementia. And no, we don't seriously think you have dementia. We think you're being a little bit stupid.

47 sorry I was a bit too defensive, you see a really drunk guy at a party ate my goldfish Frank about 2 years ago. He thought that the fish was dissing his mother supposably so he took action . I just didn't want the pattern to repeat.

55, I think your friend needs to reduce the amount of alcohol he drinks, or make sure he never enters a pet store drunk.

62 Aye it would definitely be on the national news. Quite the massacre, that would be. PJ's pet store would never be looked at the same again.

laynethetrain 0

OP, obviously mothers know beat

"Beat"? Are you talking about mothers beating their children?

sycosyd_97 1

Haha 157 it's best:D oh and funny 166:)

How far is it? I've walked for hours on crutches. It sucks but it's possible.... Just don't fall. :)

MerrikBarbarian 9

With a sprain or a break? Broken feet tend to swell in the cast if you have your foot down and slow healing- especially when first set

It was a sprain with nerve damage. It's been 4 years and it's still giving me problems.

Did you at least get a some pain meds. If so, you'll be fine till you get home

MerrikBarbarian 9

You've never broken anything have you? A break swells up, especially on the foot when the foot is held down. Right after setting a break the foot is to be elevated as much as possible. Walking home is going to make it slower to heal. Also pain Meds? Good luck walking with those. Op will probably fall and break more bones

35- Mr. Doctor over here being all serious. Phish.

No he's not being serious. We just don't appreciate stupid thoughts here.

sycosyd_97 1

159 he was just saying that ur wrong. And it does swell up and u don't know how long OP has to walk so just shutup:)

MeLuvBewbs 7

Moms want the best for us, but when you come home bleeding more on your foot, show her

xStaciexLynnx 15

Why would OP's foot be bleeding?

RedPillSucks 31

from walking a long distance on it (even with crutches),

bugmenotmofo 34

If there was a thought bubble for #9, it would be empty.

gurly98 13

Your mother is a dumbass I hope you feel better

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