How could you?

By Lolzords - 14/09/2010 10:44 - United Kingdom

Today, I was walking down the stairs holding a glass of water, when I tripped. I don't know what hurts more, that I'm still picking glass out of my hand or that my mum is still ranting about the water I'd spilt. FML
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he or she meant there is "no use crying over spilled milk". That's what I think

dude clearly physical pain will hurt more than ur mum nagging. . all about the period blood

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Pain is weakness leaving the body.

so you're saying your rantin mother hurts you?

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well maybe the moms ranting hurts cuz she's giving him a freakin headache. or maybe it hurts inside that she seems unconcerned about the glass in hand

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ahahahahahhah....You Spild' !!!!

Who even cares if water gets spilt, it's only water, not like it's gonna stain or get sticky or anything. Your mum's a retard.

@76 You stupid prick, obviously the point is that it hurts OPs feelings that mother dearest cares about a water spill more than her kid having broken glass stuck in their hand. Understand what you're reading before you bash on the poster, you just look like a gigantic asshole.

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agreed the glass obviously hurts more, but yea your mum is a retard. it's water, if it stained a carpet it will naturally dry with the power of evaporation

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ahaha. clumsy:) coulda been worse, coulda gotten in your face.

Agreed! Why is why I use plastic:) and cups with covers!

See if you would laugh if that happens to you!

You're mom needs therapy...for being that mean come on she should be worried about you unless you're 45 and still live with you mom.

You need to learn to move around in the world. And why would you hold onto the glass while you're falling?

...what else would you do with the glass? it's gotta go somewhere haha!