By Anonymous
Today, I was giving my one-year-old a bath. I'd finished washing her, so she started to play and splash. When I went to lift her out of the tub, I slipped and busted my kneecaps on the side. Guess who sat there and laughed hysterically as I cried out in agony. FML
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By  species4872  |  19

Don't feel so bad that she laughed, she can't tell the difference between pain and fun, your agony is just a game to her, Babies think anything unusual is a game. Hope you haven't damaged your kneecaps too bad.

  GhostFox  |  33

Human brain development is weird and the kids mostly think it's funny at first because they just see the event and how we react to it as amusing. Most of them continue doing so for a while as their brain develops and they are exposed to slapstick-type comedy. Some kids who are empathy-blunted or otherwise atypical may always find any case of people being hurt funny.

  species4872  |  19

This is why Looney Tunes was so successful.

By  Argeope  |  3

My roommate has a video of our daughter laughing hysterically as I puked my brains out. Due to my recently(at the time) broken spine I had to lay there puking into a garbage bag by my bed