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By Anonymous - 15/11/2010 15:57 - United States

Today, my boyfriend wanted to show me a magic trick. He filled a bowl with wine, pushed it on top of the ceiling using a broom stick, and held it up there. He told me to hold it and left. Taking my hands off the broomstick would cause the bowl to fall on my expensive new suit. Eventually, it did. FML
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RedPillSucks 31

How did you not see this coming? Tell your boyfriend about this new trick. Have him bend over, then shove the same wine dripped broomstick up his ass.

YDI for not seeing that "trick" on tv before


SkyEatsJack 4

Why did you not just let go and move out of the way quickly?

it won't fall straight down it will splash everywhere

I'd imagine you could have moved with plenty of time/breathing room left. Then again, you're American...

i dropped a bowl of cereal and the milk splashed a wall 2 meters away (about 6 feet) as the bowl falls it spins and splashes far around it...

47 well then if it did that then OP wouldve had to haul ass out of the way.

Fail_For_Me 3

OP's boyfriend is a douche-bag!

KiddNYC1O 20

well OP could have guided the bowl away towards a wall and then ran as it falls, can easily make it out. If of course she has good coordination

rallets 22

i thought it said he wanted to show you a "magic stick" lmao and yea, what kinda weirdo wears clothes

the old bowl of wine held by a broom on the ceiling trick never fails

jackirose 0

I believe the correct term us dude or dudette

you shouldn't have grabbed his stick in the first place!!!! hahaha his stick spilled all over your suit.

jwbbabe 9
OrginalOwen 0

Shoulda grabbed a towel and cover yourself and try to catch it.

134 how would she get a towel if she's holding a bowl of wine on a stick op you should have just got out of the way plain an simple

you move your hands up the broomstick as high as possible then drop and catch if u boss

haha I did this to my sister but it was a bowl of water

McBurgar 0

Yes, because most of America is populated by nudists, right?

TheOriginalKyrs 0

I saw this on YouTube. sad but funny.

Srsly? what was the titel? I want to see it ;P

towboater198425 6
whoisthisgirl 4

I seen this prank on raywilliamjohnson

youtube don't say raywilliamjohnson cuz half the people don't know him


couldn't she have undressed while holding the bowl up then let it pour all over her naked body in a seductive way. could've been a nice story to tell the bf before dumping him

lAdykrUElz 0

I think the dumb Op thought that the magic part was that it wont fall!lmao #FAIL

When she said that she was in a new suit it could of been for a job interview

Colin466 0

How the f$$$ is that a magic trick? sounds like he is just an asshole!

JoshTheMaggot 8

It's a prank. you tell people it's a trick buy really it's a pranks..

Obviously you understand nothing about sarcasm. Has the Internet taught you nothing?

YDI for not seeing that "trick" on tv before

It's a prank where you say it's a magic trick and you walk away leaving the idiot holding it up

Tikwichka 5
HamsteronA 0

Thanks for that one, captain obvious.

he was responding to some other idiot that asked how that's a joke. .

apparently there's alot of fudging idiots on dml

I cant believe ppl are still falling for that one xD

you_failed 15

Agreed! It's one of the oldest pranks out there! xD

haha you have been had. I wonder how long you held it there?

Congratulations, OP. A new suit with wine all over it... you're just like one of those rich upper class businesswomen! You'll get that promotion now for sure!

Ohh, I read 'suit' and assumed that it was a gay couple xD

Tis the new trend, shows that you can afford to spill expensive posh wine on your expensive posh outfit.