By me - 10/11/2012 19:49 - United States - Bend

Today, my dad agreed to let me borrow the car to go rock climbing with my friends. He'd just filled it up with gas, which is how I realized halfway back home that one of my "friends" had siphoned well over half the gas straight out of the tank. FML
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AbstraktThoughts 13

Who the **** still siphons gas? God damn.


how did your friend have all of that gas on him the whole way back?

AbstraktThoughts 13

He siphoned the gas and put it in ******* zip lock bags. Duh. *sarcasm

Clearly he drank it all, pissed it out when he got home, carefully filtered it to just be the gas, and put it in his car. Come now, I thought that was quite obvious.

MizzErikaHart 8

Or is it possible that it was some random person not associated with op?

Unibear 1

Get him to pay you back for what he stole..

So much for a friend in need is a friend indeed...

I'm not sure about you but in my personal dictionary he/she is no longer a friend.

teamlightskin 14

That "friend" would be walking home.

oj101 33

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Hiimhaileypotter 52

Actually, you can. That's messed up.

Theft is still theft no matter how much you sugar coat it... What makes it even worse is that a "friend" did it.

The price of food these days. We should all just rob supermarkets.

AbstraktThoughts 13

Who the **** still siphons gas? God damn.

People that don't want to pay $3.20+ a gallon? Nah that's to obvious it's the flying purple llamas.

AbstraktThoughts 13

3.20?! Where do you live, so I can move there? I'm paying 3.89 and THAT'S cheap :o

It's actually 3.40 but i get a discount for being family friend. :D

Some stores in Oregon offer $3.10 if you have a membership.

Gosh, you Americans complaining about fuel prices. In the Uk, it's about £1.40/Litre which works out at around $8/gallon.

26 I'm sure you'd complain if it spiked to $3.20. 25 Walmart does something similar. places on interstate are like 4.30+

28- he wouldn't complain at 3.20 a gal he would rejoice if his is $8 a gal

I meant 3.20 a litre sorry. I can't edit it.

Shit you guys, it's like $4.05 over here.

Seriously? It's about $4.39 here, mainly because of the hurricane and no-one being able to get gas.

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

Maybe it's because I'm young, I don't know. But I always see people complain about gas prices and what-not. $3-4 a gallon? That sounds pretty cheap to me. Thats chump change. But I'm in no position to talk, until I get a car. :P

you_failed 15

Because of Sandy, I'm paying about $4.19 a freakin' gallon! :( I need to move where you guys live!

46 Before Obama took office the prices were about 1.50 with occasional spikes to 2.00. So instead of like 12 gallons for 20, you get like 5-7 depending where you are maybe less.

53 I'm not a bandwagon I simply stated how it ended up. Besides I have a feeling you're one of the ones who voted for him to prove you're not racist.

$3.20 is expensive for gas, considering the national minimum wage is around $6..

One of these times to be glad I'm Canadian; it's only 1:39$ here c:

58-The National Minimum wage is $7.25. On another not gas is only $3.07 for total 100% gas where I live, no ethanol.

58 where do you live? I don't know any place like that.

twinny_sc 13

Gas here in Arkansas is $3.15. I'll stop complaining because if I had to pay $3.89 I'd be ******* pissed.

Damn you guys are lucky. Where I live it costs 4.50

PhishloverA 14

Except your ethnicity has nothing to do with how much you pay for gas. I think you mean you're glad to live in Canada

46- You have to realize that your car holds more than a single gallon of gas. My car used to cost 20 dollars to get a full tank. It would be even worse if I had a truck like my dads which has much worse fuel economy and a larger tank. Throwing out 30 dollars a week would make some people upset.

59 - $1.39/L is roughly $5.25/gal without converting currency. That's mighty expensive gas for this continent.

#46 if your tank holds around 12 gallons the price will be around $48. correct me if I'm wrong but I believe most gas tanks hold way more than my example.

It's only 3.02 here, was actually just under 3 for a bit.

In my part of California we pay 5.00$ for a gallon of gas.

loveashlley 6

46- 3-4$ doesn't sound bad, but cars take about 13 gallons to fill up. So say, 13 gallons, at 4$ is about 52 bucks for a full tank of gas. Multiply that by maybe two weeks (and that's being generous) and you end up paying a rough minimum of 104 dollars a month depending how much you drive. It all begins to add up.

lorraineald 7

In Texas the most expensive I've seen for regular gas was $3.29. My friend found gas for $3.16 it was like a miracle from baby Jesus himself.

mzrobinson 13

I'm in tx and gas is 3.45 average but in my NM hometown the lowest is 2.85!!

I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and it is has been $4.50/gallon for a few weeks now. And that is a really good price compared to the $5.50 that it had been steadily for a couple years! Consider yourselves lucky. :3

In Vancouver, BC, Canada, it has been around $4.50/gallon for about two weeks now. And that's a really good price compared to the steady $5.50 that it had been for a couple years! Consider yourselves lucky. :3

A cars tank is usually a lot more than 13 gallons, my truck is 30 (yes I know a truck will have a bigger tank than a car, but still 13 gallons is not a lot of gas)

gas was 2.19 for a while here now its back to 3.29 a gallon

fancymega 7

Great "friend" you got there.

nancyschmancy 9

Is anyone else confused by this FML?

AllyyK 9

If you're still confused, wire me $25 and I'll explain it to you slowly with pictures.

nancyschmancy 9

I'm sure that is the only way you can explain it.

I hope you're able to find out which friend and kick their arse.

*sigh* such a noob way to steal gas. Siphoning is so 20th century.

nancyschmancy 9

Gas siphoning became popular again when gas hit $4 a gallon. Not so ridiculous when a 5 gallon can holds $20 worth of gas.

17- so has RFID gas card hacking, which can fill up an entire tank, and has the least risk of confrontation.

The real way to make money off of gas is to but hundreds of gallons at the prices they are now. Then in a few years sell it all for reduce loudly low prices after gas hits 10 bucks a gallon. Fool-proof.

I had the same thought when I was younger, then I realized that gas goes bad so it wouldn't work.

nancyschmancy 9

How he knows one of his friends siphoned it?

nancyschmancy 9

Oops! That comment was directed at 11.

I'm guessing he didn't or the fml would have: I got my ass kicked trying to get my gas back. Or it would be: Today i got my ass kicked for siphoning my friends gas.

Seeing as a few FMLs lack specification in some ways, that was either an assumption on OPs part or OP had some evidence to go off of.