By Anonymous - 29/12/2010 03:20 - United States

Today, I was giving myself a breast exam for lumps. I heard laughing, looked around and saw that the 12 year-old neighbor and his friends were watching through the window. FML
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close your blinds op.

Awkward... However, kudos for taking the time to self exam.


oh bull. I'm tempted not to e a grammar natzi

OH bull. I'm tempted not to BE a grammar NAZI as well.

OMG I FOUNS A LUMP! oh wait just a cheeto :)

Neex? May I examine yours?

It's a good thing that you didn't go through with it, 1. I have a sneaky feeling that you would have failed.

Why don't you go to a professional?(unless you are a professional) You have perverted neighbors I say USE A FUCKING CURTAIN OR SHADES OR WHATEVER next time............problem solved. :D ya me.

bamagrl410 31

Why wouldn't you do that in the privacy of a bathroom, or at least close the blinds/curtains? YDI

dang girl ur fine!!!

haha grammar nazis crack me up :)

mmmmm.... does nobody in our generation understand the difference between grammar and spelling? those were spelling errors, not grammar ones. htis is a spelling error. this can has grammar error. now that that is cleared up: OP, please move in next to me if this is a routine thing (feeling yourself in front of open windows)

close your blinds op.

duhhhhhh op listen to us smart people

totally agree 2 tht 1

But where would the fun be in that?

To dumb to close the blinds. Smart enough to do a self exam? hmm

I'm going to take a leaf out of the grammar nazi handbook here. It should be "too dumb to close the blinds."

lol say they can watch more I'd they pay up

Awkward... However, kudos for taking the time to self exam.

No kudos if you're looking at #4's picture while you check yourself.

little perverts

And nobody believes that I was giving myself a vigorous penis exam outside that playground.

Same thing happend to me when i was checking my testicles in a convent darn nuns

Either they were right up against the window or those kids laugh pretty damn loud.

I can hear plenty of sounds through my windows?

haha that's awesome.

You shoulda went outside and slapped then silly with your lumpy titties.

OMG it's should of not shoulda. And it's slapped them silly.

Correcting the corrector, fun and fun.

both ways sound okay to me.

Some people may say that 'dat' sounds OK in place of 'that', but it doesn't mean it's right.

No, you can not play. You are in time out for pulling down your pants in front of the ladies bathroom.

No, I'm not convinced, because Kay has been tied up for 4 hours. Try again? *Tackles and hugs*

I know how much you love your meat. *Pins down and licks*

*Looks around* 'Tis me, Anna, the queen of absolute absurdity and disgust. :P

Oh god I had fun reading this

holy shit Hahahahha XD

Haha wierd neighbors...

that is so fucking funny. their as old as me. haha