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  reaganomics  |  6

#60 I went to an Alabama high school, Hoover to be exact, I scored a 36 on my ACT, spent 6 years in the military running satellite communications, and am now at Auburn University with a 3.8 GPA in my next to last semester in wireless engineering, so are you trying to imply that high schools in Alabama are somehow more lacking than in your state? You shouldn't stereotype

  graham11  |  14

23- pitchy describes someone who doesn't stay on pitch/ the correct note while singing. And pitchy rhymes with bitchy, which means that OP's mom is an asshole. I'm not saying mr.misfit's joke was funny... But I just felt like explaining its pointlessness

By  graham11  |  14

If she's not going to be supportive of something you are passionate about, you should give her a hug and say, "you're not a loving mother anyway."

  xk75  |  4

I doubt the school's performing arts department cast the OP as the lead in their production as some elaborate ruse to lie to her about her talent.... Sorry ur moms a b