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Today, I was at my class's band concert. Before the curtain was raised, I helped haul the piano to a different spot so a girl who would've had to stand behind it could be seen. I said, "There, now your mom can see you play!" She responded with, "My mom's blind." FML
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well I'm sure you didn't see that coming...

It is a nice gesture though. Plus you couldn't know.


well I'm sure you didn't see that coming...

I see what you did there.

#3 but the mom didn't see what he did there.

That's because the mom doesn't see anything.

18, but her 4 other senses are way better than the average person's 5 senses. So OP's mom heard a lot better (yes, the way a band/orchestra is set up on stage determines the sound quality).

That's what they were trying to say..... DISCREETLY

MrBrightside21 20

5 - Eye see what you did there.

5 - that cheeky grin on pikachu's face is perfect for your comment haha

Bubbelz 25

18 Wow. That went over your head by a mile.

OhDearBetrayal 25

46- That is a very unfortunately shaped smoke cloude.

59- It's all over Tumblr, if you do have a blog. People try to recreate it. But I don't see how they can.

53, apparently so did mine.

#18 you don't say!?

I'm sure her mom didn't see that coming either

Neither did the girl's mom

It is a nice gesture though. Plus you couldn't know.

You must have been blindsided by that answer.

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thats just a bitchy thing to say. she couldve accepted the gesture and been on with it, but she deliberately made it awkward for you, making you look like an ass, when you did nothing to her. hate people who do stupid shit like that

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It's the thought that counts... But at least the mom can hear it. And music is much more enjoyable with ears anyways!

You could have made it worse by saying "at least I know sign language so I can talk to her."

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Sign language is for deaf are you saying blind people can hear you talk! I seriously hope you're face palming yourself right now cause that was stupid..

The mother can't see, so OP saying he knew sign language would make it worse because he would have said something stupid making it more embarrassing for himself.

ohheykiwi 2

No, just no. You can't save face. Just go. We'll understand.

Just cause you made a stupid mistake doesn't mean OP is your escape goat.......

For those of you who are sarcasm-deficient, MrsAssyPants was making a joke. She knows full well that blind people can't see. And Cupcake040, I hope you're facepalming for "escape goat". Where do these goats escape from exactly?

erockinthesuburb 17

Prison. They escaped from prison.

Do these goats scream like people while they're making their escape?.. That would make it difficult.

Only when they're kids. :P

21- Your comment just saved this whole thread.

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Escape goats are running away from Taylor Swift.

I'm working on a picture of what an escape goat might look like. This should be amazing.

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The irony is too large. The sign language thing was sarcasm, so to call him stupid only shows your stupidity.

Don't feel too bad, Op, you couldn't have known that without asking and it was a thoughtful gesture none the less. :)

New to FML... What does op mean?

Op means Original Poster, the person who started this fml we are discussing. :)

jem970 19

Draco where have you been? I havent seen you around much lately. I miss your comments

Aww, thanks Jem. :) I wasn't really in the mood for much online, my wife was hospitalized for a few weeks and things were kinda hard. :( But, everythings doing better now, so I'll try to share some of my simple wit and sunshine more often! :D

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Exactly, you could never have known that, I'm sure she wouldn't hold that against you !

no way you could have known though... You were just being nice.

You definitely deserve this one for trying to be a good person... But seriously it is kind of humorous in an ironic way, just laugh it off and you will be fine. The irony not the blind thing.

Oh so next time OP should try to be a bad person instead? Seriously, how could trying to be a good person be something bad?

I think 16 was being sarcastic. The next sentence starts with "but seriously", meaning the first sentence was not serious.

Its the thought what counts.

Murphy's law, sorry I laughed out loud reading this ...

I don't think you know what Murphy's law is.