By boopingsnoot

Urine trouble

Today, while working at the vet, we had a familiar little dog show up for a minor procedure. The dog always sits on its owner's lap on the drive over, and always gets peed on. Not talking about dog pee. And we're not allowed to bathe it because that service costs extra. FML
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  species4872  |  19

Not for the dog apparently.

By  MrCT  |  22

If you know there is an issue include the wash for free I think somebody's got 20 min of there day they can spare you are in the business of taking care of animals throwing somebody a free wash won't break the bank. That's just as bad as making someone give up their pet because they can't afford procedure then doing the procedure for free then adopting the pet to someone else at no charge. And hell i'm sure you can write if off on you taxes.

By  rivenrock  |  14

Either do it for free for work health and safety reasons, or tell the customer that any time the dog arrives covered in urine, it will be washed and the customer charged. That is feral behaviour and horrible for the dog, too.

By  Miss_080  |  21

Wtf?? You pee on your dog??? Imagine what that car must smell like?? Poor dog. Plus, wh not just put the dog on a seat next to you. Ugh people are disgusting and gross. That owner shouldn't have the dog. Who knows if they even bathe it at home? Might say something like, oh I'm too old and frail to wash the dog so I can't. F**cker.