By swarm20 - United States - Mankato
Today, I called security at my school because I left my mittens in a classroom and it was locked. When the security officer showed up, he asked if the mittens I was looking for were the ones on my hands. I even had to take one of them off to call them. FML
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  ShyAnn29  |  14

I've had that happen with my glasses, I was looking all over my room, and I was getting upset so I put my hands up to my face, it turned out that I was wearing them! So don't be embarrassed OP, it happens to the best of us.

  dontpanic_fml  |  32

I agree...I really sympathize with people who are looking for their phone while using it, or looking for the glasses that are on their head, or for the pencil that's in their hand...but this seems loopy. Maybe because they went all the way to calling security (was it really that important to get the mittens then and there anyway?)

  sig4life  |  18

It is the same, if she had a key she would've opened it up and searched for hours. Everyone has a 'blonde' moment once in a while.

Most of us won't post it. But we probably should.

  dontpanic_fml  |  32

sig4life, if she opened it up and looked for hours, that would have been on her time. It is NOT the same because most people, before getting to the point of using other people's time to assist them, will do everything in their power to resolve the issue.

By  hannaaaahr  |  33

oh well, the other day I was positive that I lost my hockeystick, until someone pointed out that it was in my hand, it happens to pretty much everyone, no worries

  SillyGirl4602  |  23

A lot of people have done something similar to this. I know many people, myself included, that thought they lost something when it was right in their hand. It does not mean they have a low IQ.

  JanisEvans  |  10

If anything this degree of absentmindedness might indicate a rather high IQ. The brain-dead don't tend to get lost in their thoughts this much - because they don't have any. But you probably wouldn't know, #12.