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  mbii  |  0

LOL so apparently I wasn't the only one who was reminded of Degrassi...

and honestly what other response would you expect out of a guy? you just called him to say you're [female, probably hot] friend is a stripper. do the math.


what's the problem? She's not whoring herself out, she's showing her titties to foolish men like me to make more money than most people. it's completely legal you know, she will probably make more now than after she gets a job with the education she is currently paying for. Seriously, FML should have a "who f*cking cares" vote option.

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

I would ask, too, as an attempt to cheer her up, haha

But, hey, she shouldn't be upset, because her friend is trying to pay for school. She should find a way to help her, rather than call her boyfriend and whine.
Her boyfriend is going to take action by showing up there with a few of his buddies to help pay her bills.

  Mustardnight  |  3

Omfg win! As for the op, learn to take a joke, although I feel for your friend. I mean i felt her. At the club, you know, stripping. Not cool at all. Your life doesn't suck, op, your friend's does. You should be grateful for a quick witted young buck like your bf laddie!

By  I_am_stupid_also  |  6

I think it is great that your bf is helping your best friend get started on her new career. I'm sure it will be very comforting for her to start out performing for some familiar and supportive faces. And laps.

By  popsoda  |  0

he is being supportive (by means of monetary compensation)

you should be happy you have a bf who is willing ot helping your best friend in a time of need.

don't be such an attention whore.

By  eea04180  |  0

girl, i would have slapped him. i would have also made sure he was joking too, cuz i know my bf would say something like that to me if i told him the same story.