By Nikia818 - 06/02/2014 18:23 - United States - Newport News

Today, I burned my right boob. I got it by eating a hot pocket and accidentally spilling the extremely hot filling. I never thought I'd get laid before. This has just confirmed it. FML
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Thank you all so much! To clarify, I wasn't naked. I had a tank top on. I'm only kidding about worrying about getting laid. I'm studying to get into med school, so I really don't get laid in real life. But it doesn't bother me. I let the hot pocket sit and it was the perfect temperature until that bite...which was at the very end... I do have a nickel-sized pink scar and it blistered a little bit, but nothing major. All in all, I now know that the filling of a hpt pocket is hotter than the fiery pits of Hell.

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I always love it when hot juicy filling spills on my boob...

#6 You should close your mouth if you drool that bad.

#6- We know how hungover you got when the Seahawks won. Just, next time, stay off FML.

tweetypie 18

Weird, this happened to me the other day but with soup. As if the domino's cinna stix burn on my arm wasn't bad enough.

them hot pockets be sneakily dangerous! ... and hot!

#51. I'm a Denver fan but that comment was so pointless that it hurt my brain. it's FML not ESPN

but I do regret the Denver ass whooping

Well at least something hot got to 2nd base with you!

Usually mine are burning on the edges and frozen on the inside. Or a different temperature with each bite.

Hot pockets, open wrapper drop in toilet. Congratulations you have just eaten a hot pocket properly.

SadisticStephyy 21

I used to have that problem. Then I got a new microwave and now the whole thing is hot as ****.

get one of those plastic covers, changed my life. the corndog industry invented them and everyone won, take advantage of this modern technology.

You're alright. The right boob is only the backup boob. The left one is the important one. Feel better!

What she says is true left is almost always bigger

I must be a real freak then, my right boob is much bigger! :(

My right boob is much bigger than my left but men tend to go for the left. wut

Ihavegas 22

I'm assuming all the men you know are right handed?

My right boob is bigger than my left! 0.0

hence why i said almost always there are exceptions

You really shouldn't have said that cuz there's a pervert In the comments

I'm a fan of both, but I'm ambidextrous so I really can't choose sides.

Everyone is a perv in their own way; some are more open about it.

@40 it depends on which is your dominant hand. Right handedness is more common so women who predominantly use their right hand/arm will build a larger pectoral muscle on that side causing a partial enlargement of that breast and if a woman is left handed vice versa. The more you know.... this service announcement was brought to you by the letters B, double O and BS. We'd also like to remind you of all the poor neglected sweater puppies in the world show your support by adopting one to love and care for today (please take into account sweater puppies are very social and thrive better in pairs)

Not exactly true because I've never been with a left handed girl and the left has always been bigger with one exception

Michael2687 9

False, both boobs are equally important.

JMichael 25

Some man out there has a burnt boob fetish. There's still hope for you.

what are you doing tomorrow OP? I have burnt boob fetish

Easy fix. Wear a bib. if you're not getting laid, you don't care if you look ridiculous, do you? and at least your boobs will be out of danger.

But knowing her bad luck, I bet she'll only ever meet "left boob burned by hot pockets" fetishists. They can be really finicky about their fetishes!

I guess that isn't the hot filling you were hoping for.