By Delanto - 06/02/2014 16:54 - United States

Today, I was driving along when I noticed a kid struggling to push his car up the crest of a hill. I jumped out to help him, and he acted surprised to see me. Once we got the car over the hill, it rolled on down. I then saw that no one was actually in the driver's seat. I'd helped a vandal. FML
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Delanto tells us more.

Oh, trust me...the teen wasn't the owner. He didn't even look at me after the car rolled away, he just jogged off. The car luckily jumped a curb down the road and was stopped by a tree. I did phone the sheriff's department, the deputy took my info and the description of the teen. Haven't heard anything else about it nor did I see the owner (luckily).

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Well you didn't know...props for the help though you'll find the right time when the help is actually needed..

Just sing the jingle: "Like a good neighbor..."


Try explaining that to the cops or the real owner of the car :p

I was thinking that exactly... OP couldnt have known it was the owner (unless he knew who the car belonged to) or if it was a vandal. OP simply did his good citizen duty and helped someone out. FYL, OP.

Not I sound like a prick but you think you would notice something odd about this situation

#19 Clearly he/she didn't, hence the reason for this FML.

what the hell seems wrong about someone pushing a car over a hill?

Well you didn't know...props for the help though you'll find the right time when the help is actually needed..

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I wish OP secretly did know what they were doing. I can't imagine the kids reaction when someone actually helped trash the car. It's ok, OP, your cover story will get out of this jam. "Helping people", psh, who does that nowadays?

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Hey you tried and with the best intentions but I gotta admit this FML made me giggle a little.

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Great... Now we're even getting this lame pun/comment on FML's that don't even evolve poop.

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*involve. Stupid typo but my point remains.

Or maybe he just means it's a bad situation, and he doesn't want to make a pun about poop?

We've been getting them on non-poop related FMLs for a while, #11. Just stop it already, people!

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You helped a vandal and most likely trashed the car is your name bad luck Brian? You should call the authorities your only saving grace would be that you had good intentions.

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Well, now you're a vandal, too! Many criminals don't choose a life of crime, they just get pulled into it. Are you going to choose a theme for your career like The Joker or The Green Goblin? I've got dibs on The Farter in case I get tired of my legit job.

I thought my legit job was being a criminal...

Do you pay taxes on your earnings? If not, then Sorry, it's not legit.

Yep, because NOBODY gets paid under the table for any job. If you're legally making money, it's a legit job.

You don't choose the thug life, the thug life chooses you

you do know that getting paid under the table is not legal.

#51 you do know most people don't care? When your upper middle class worker pays more taxes than someone who makes a few million a year and games the system to pay almost nothing in taxes. We all know The systems broke, so no ones gonna think twice about not declaring some under the table money.

#52, of course we know people don't care. Of course there are plenty of people who "game the system". But there are still those of us who know it's dishonest to "game the system" and we have a conscience even though the tax system sucks. Too many people lack integrity. I suggest you Google that word since it seems it may be unfamiliar to you. Bring on the downvotes.

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I kind of want to know what happened next... Hopefully the OP "follows up"!


You'd think a car thief would have a better plan than to push the stolen car away...

Vandal, not thief there is a difference


Duh, thanks for pointing that out. I should pay more attention.