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Today, I queued up for few hours in torrential rain to see the Harry Potter premiere. After just four hours sleep and waking at 3am, I fell asleep during film and missed the whole thing. FML
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If you wanted to see it that badly, you should have forced yourself to stay awake



Why would you wait hours to see a Harry Potter movie?

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You're a ******* dick. I already know what happens. but you don't need to spoil it for other people!

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Spoilers. At least the car did it right, driving through a barnes and nobles parking lot with that written on it after the party let out. You just failed.

Manners, awful things. Good thing you civilised Americans don't have them, eh?

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harry potter isnt out yet ...

Harry Potter is released earlier in Britain than it is in North America, just like the books were.

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maybe not where you are moron

Anybody who isn't illiterate should know what happens anyway, given that the books are entirely superior to the movies and released much sooner.

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Why waste your money on that movie anyway? It's rated PG, not PG 13. They take out a lot of scenes where Harry and Dumbledore go into memories of Voldemort. They even leave out the last battle scene! It's a load of crap.

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YDI for being a nerd. In the end we find out Snape is a spy for Dumbledore, who dies in book six I believe. Anyway, Snape goes on to kill Voldemort in the end. Hermoine also gives Harry a fat ******** for being a hero!

yeah harry potter the premier isnt out until tomorrow night at 12 pm. My aunt worked on the movie. Who ever wrote this is a liar.

Okay. Liking Harry Potter means you are a nerd? Well, then NERDS ******* ROCK. :P

Put simply, "a wizard did it." And a terrible job, too.

Actually the premiere in the UK, where the OP is from, was TODAY on July 7th...

The premiere for CELEBRITIES.... and cast and crew was today...

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why are you calling someone who wanted to see harry potter a nerd and then start explaining harry potter yourself? you are such a ******* douche bag. and that last part--wasnt funny. it just sounds really stupid. go **** yourself, which i bet you do every night already due to your lack of partner from what i can see from that post.

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-93 hp movies come out earlier in the uk then the us

#1 that is the dumbest question I've ever heard.

If you wanted to see it that badly, you should have forced yourself to stay awake

right because its sooooo easy to force yourself to stay awake during boring parts of movies, especially when you're tired....

180, HP isn't boring. OP, sucks to be you but come on man. You fell asleep in HP? -.-'

Dude that majorly sucks. Well you could always just invite some friends and see it later this week. Might be more fun that way


i aqree #4; 0mq its harry p0tter ! ! 0mq quuurl!. thats messed up =/.

she fell asleep because harry potter is boring.

How could you like Harry Potter? Now THATS unacceptable. Nerd.

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Harry Potter is one of the most thorough and beloved book series. I don't know why you'd think it's nerdy.

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Harry Potter isn't a good enough book to be considered nerdy. In fact, you're all not nerds. You're children. Stop reading a children's book.

If Harry Potter is a children's book, then why don't you explain to a seven year old that their favourite characters have just been brutally murdered? Have you read the books? ALL of them? Probably not. Stop being so ignorant everyone. Harry Potter is for EVERYONE. If it's just not your preference, don't bash the books and people about it. It just makes you come off as immature.

I'm sure difficult themes like love, death and friendship (not to mention scary things like Dementors who suck out your soul) are really childish...

its either harry potter or twilight. pick your poison

Harry Potter was released when I was six (or at least I think I was six...). I am now seventeen & I will testify that J.K. Rowling definitely wrote the books to mature with the reader. The content of the first book is significantly more childish than the content of the later books. Essentially, the books grew as I did, which is a rather intelligent way of writing, if you ask me.

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...the new HP is out? Is it the last one yet???

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woooooooooow... no its not the last one. the last film is going to be made into two movies. this is the sixth one. an idiot like you does not deserve to see Harry Potter.

YDI.... that's why you wait a week or drink lots of coffee and bring an umbrella

Either says the show was bloody boooring or you need coffee.

you deserved it xD you should have drank more coffee

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awh. you fell asleep? thats really depressing! You should go watch it with some friends and stuffs. like #3 said; it might be more fun that way! (:

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Seriously, who moderated this piece of crap?

I'm guessing you're from the US or Canada, because it's not out in Canada yet and I'm assuming it's not out in the US either, but generally with films like Harry Potter where the cast is all British, it's going to be released there first, just like American movies sometimes don't get released in Britain until 2-3 months after they are released in North America